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DID y ou kno w that Windo w and Door Spe­cial­ist (WD S) no t onl y spe­cialis es in the suppl y o f qualit y s teel, w ood and alu­minium windo w and door prod­ucts and the manuf ac­tur­ing o f their o wn c om­pet­i­tively pric ed s teel win­dows, but als o in the suppl y, in­stal­la­tion, aut oma­tion and s er­vic­ing of g arage door s?

WDS sup­plie s all t ypes o f g arage doors, r ang­ing fr om the r es­i­den­tial sec­tional door s ( wood and s teel) t o the in­dus trial r oller shut ter door s.

It is r ec­om­mended that y our g arage door is s er­viced at l east onc e a year t o k eep it r un­ning e ffec­tively.

Dur­ing a g arage­door s er­vice, WD S will check the lu­bric ation o f all w ork­ing p arts, check door oper ation, r eset ca­bles, check all bol ts and r e­ten­sion the spring s. WD S c an als o ins tall and ser­vice aut oma­tions f or the abo ve­men­tioned g arage door s.

Based in Wins ton R oad, Pie ter­mar­itzburg, WD S s er­vices the Pie ter­mar­itzburg and surr ound­ing ar eas, in­clud­ing W art­burg, Mooi Riv er and Grey­town, s o c on­tact the spe­cialis ts to­day at 033 394 6541 or check out their ne w w eb­site www .win­dowand f or all y our windo w and door re­quire­ments. — S up­plied.

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