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Peu­geot ready to un­veil its lat­est it­er­a­tion of the Hy­brid Air de sign

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A CAR that runs on air ? Peu­geot is work­ing on it. The French au­tomaker re­vealed its Hy­brid Air tech­nol­ogy las t year and will sho wcase the 208 Hy­brid 2L Demonstrator car at the P aris Mo­tor Show next month. The lat­est it­er­a­tion of the Hy­brid Air de sign c om­ple­ments the g aso­line­air pow­er­train with weight­ and drag­cut­ting mea­sures to of­fer fuel econ­omy in the range of 117 mpg (2 l/100 km), w hich is w ell abo ve the 81 mpg (2,9 l/100 km) it w as quot­ing las t y ear. PRO­TO­TYPE MA TERI­ALS T O RE­MAIN Be­gin­ning with the 82 hp (61 kW) 1,2­litre PureTech 208 five­seater, Peu­geot’s en­gi­neers reached into their ma­te­ri­als cat­a­log, swap­ping in car bon com­pos­ite body pan­els and coil springs. They also re­worked the thickne ss of the s tain­less s teel on the ex­haust sys­tem to pro­vide a 20% weight sav­ing, help­ing slice 220 lb (100 kg) com­pared to the pro­duc­tion 208, do wn t o 1 896 lb (86 0 kg).

While ex­otic ma­te­ri­als are some­times dropped when a car moves from pro­to­type to pro­duc­tion, Peu­geot says that its team looked specif­i­cally for “ma­te­ri­als com­pat­i­ble with e xist­ing pro­duc­tion fa­cil­i­ties and a high man­u­fac­tur­ing out­put”, sug­gest­ing a pr oduc­tion v er­sion c ould f ea­ture the same c on­struc­tion. AIR RE­FILL S IN 10 SEC ONDS The Hy­brid Air pow­er­train com­bines the 1,2­litre petrol en­gine with a c om­pressed­air dri ve.

Un­like las t y ear’s H ybrid Air c on­cept, w hich used a lon­gi­tu­di­nall y mounted air t ank run­ning down the c en­tre of the car , the 208 H ybrid 2L car­ries its com­pressed air t ank be­low the trunk, with a low­pres­sure ex­pan­sion tank mounted near the rear axle. The com­pressed air works in c on­junc­tion with a fr ont­mounted hy­draulic mo­tor/ pump sys­tem to power the car and re­fill in about 10 seconds dur­ing de­cel­er­a­tion or by way of com­pressed air de veloped b y the thr ee­cylin­der en­gine. A be spoke epicyclic trans­mis­sion bal­ances out­put fr om the t wo po wer sour ces. 0,9 LITRE S MORE The car has a zero emis­sions Air mode for low­er­speed ur­ban driv­ing, Petrol mode for steady high­way driv­ing, and Com­bined mode for “tran­si­tion phases in ur­ban en­vi­ron­ments, such as s tand­ing starts and ac cel­er­a­tion”. As the demons tra­tor model name in­di­cates, this bal­ance re­sults in ef­fi­ciency lev­els as high as 2 l/100 km, an impr ove­ment fr om las t y ear’s 2, 9 l/100 km figur e.

It is as yet un­clear whether this promis­ing hy­brid tech­nol­ogy is still on pace to launch within the ne xt t wo y ears. — Giz­mag .com


Peu­geot will sho wcase the 208 Hy­brid 2L Demonstrator c ar at the P aris Mo tor Sho w next month.

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