Ap­ple marr ed b y ‘Bendgate’ sag a

Cre­ative counter ad­ver­tis­ing adds to woes

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THE launch of Ap­ple’s new iPhone range has been marred by the “Bendgate” saga with the multi­na­tional now be­set by cre­ative c ounter ad ver­tis­ing b y c om­peti­tors.

Ap­pygeek.com r eleased an on­line guide to ex­actly how peo­ple have poked fun at Ap­ple over the ex­pen­sive new saga.

“Ear­lier this week, some iPhone 6 Plus were un­pleas­antly sur­prised see­ing their phones get­ting bent in pock­ets. Soon after that, more bend­ing tests fol­lowed, re­veal­ing that the phone/tablet is more sus­cep­ti­ble to such ac­ci­dents than the smaller iPhone 6, and that com­pet­ing de­vices can’t be sim­i­lar ly bent.

“And when some­thing like #Bendgate hap­pens to a company like Ap­ple, you can be almost cer­tain that plent y of peo­ple will make fun of it on­line, in­clud­ing mayn of Ap­ple’s c om­peti­tors,” the y je sted.

Speak­ing of flex­i­ble smart phones, LG quickly came up with a re­sponse for Ap­ple’s #B endgate pr oblem.

“Our phone doesn’t bend, it fle xes … on pur­pose, ” the c om­pany wr ote on Twit­ter, pub­lish­ing a pic­ture of its LG G Flex fle xi­ble dis­pla y smart­phone.

KitKat also took to Twit­ter to say that “we don’t bend, w e br eak”, pos ting an im­age that sho ws a br oken KitK at bar.

Heineken mean­while, told Ap­ple that bend­ing hap­pens to its bot­tle caps all the time.

HTC also took a hit at Ap­ple on Twit­ter, pro­mot­ing its HTC One M8 smart phone. “De­signed to with­stand the most de­mand­ing en vi­ron­ments … lik e y our pock­ets,” HT C said.

Ap­ple Inc br oke it s si­lenc e on c omplaints about bend­ing iPhone s, hour s after withdr aw­ing a glit ch­rid­den soft ­ ware up­date as the company strug­gles to re­store mo­men­tum to the r oll­out of it s lat­est phone s.

“With nor­mal use, a bend in iPhone is e xtremely r are and thr ough our fir st six days of sale, a to­tal of nine cus­tomers have con­tacted Ap­ple with a bent iPhone 6 Plus,” Ap­ple spokesper­son Trudy Muller said in an e­mail.

Ap­ple shares closed down nearly four per­cent at $97,87 (R1 101) on Thurs­day, wip­ing out near ly $23 bil­lion in mar ket value. — W WR­Reuters.


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