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THE sight of op­po­si­tion MP s w alk­ing out of P ar­lia­ment as the ANC st onewalls them is bec om­ing old. Led b y the D A’s Mmusi M aimane, the op­po­si­tion walked out of P ar­lia­ment’s c om­mit­tee on the Nkandla c ontroversy aft er ANC MP s re­fused t o call Pres­i­dent J acob Zuma as a witnes s and t o enf orce the pub­lic pro­tec­tor’s f in­d­ings ag ainst him y es­ter­day.

The D A, EFF and A CDP pleaded in v ain with the ANC to seek le gal opin­ion on Zuma’ s vie w that he is not bound b y Thuli M adon­sela’s re­por t and rec om­men­da­tions on up grades at his Nk andla home. Lat er the y an­nounced their with­dra wal from the c om­mit­tee. But w hat did the y e xpect? That the r ul­ing par ty w ould simpl y roll over and hand Zuma o ver on a plat ter? That w ould be naïve, but their ac­tions so f ar sug gest e xactly that. This was a poor sho wing from a group man y in the c oun­try were look­ing t o t o hold the re­cal­ci­trant Zuma t o ac­count. Of c ourse, the ANC should c on­sider it s o wn par t in the mat ter and w hat it s re­fusal t o ha ve M adon­sela’s rec­om­men­da­tions enf orced means f or the rec og­ni­tion of Chap­ter 9 in­sti­tu­tions, in­sti­tu­tions that w ere creat ed os­ten­si­bly t o sup­por t our democ­rac y. Ex cept, it ap­pears, when such in­sti­tu­tions pro ve inc on­ve­nient t o the ANC’ s blind def ence of Zuma.

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