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HARRY P ot­ter act or T om F el­ton, w ho played Draco Mal­foy in the popular film fran­chise, is the star of Full Cir­cle, a new drama serie s air­ing on M­N et Serie s Showcase (DStv chan­nel 11 3) on Sun­day nights at 8 pm.

In the show, which starts to­mor­row, 11 in­di­vid­u­als ar e all c on­nected but don’ t quite un­der­stand what links them. In a er­stau­rant called El­lip­sis, their ri vet­ing sto­ries are played out un­til it all c omes full cir­cle. Each episode cen­tres on two char­ac­ters and the tan­gled drama of their re­la­tion­ship.

Fel­ton plays Tim, a young English­man study­ing in Amer­ica, who falls in love with Brid­gette (Mink a Kelly), the wif e of his host St an­ley ( Ju­lian McMa­hon).

Brid­gette is in her mid­to­late 20s and beau­ti­ful, but f eel­ing the w eight of lif e, kids, and com­mit­ment. She wants to run away with Tim, but is sur e that it’ s the worst idea she’s had — ex­cept for mar­ry­ing St an­ley.

Her hus­band is in his ear ly 40s, hand­some and a worka­holic who is out of oucht with his emo­tions. He thinks he has ev­ery­thing fig­ured out, un­til his wife Brid­gette asks f or a di vorce.

On SABC3 to­mor­row night at 9.30 pm is Miss­ing, which ask s: “How f ar would you g o t o sa ve the onl y thing y ou ha ve left in the world?” After CIA Agent Paul Win­stone was mur­dered, his wif e Becca and their son Michael strug­gled to re­build their li ves. N ow, 10 y ears lat er, Michael goes mis sing un­der sus­pi­cious cir cum­stances and Becca will do what­ever it takes to find him. T he show stars Ash­ley Judd ( Dou­ble J eop­ardy, K iss the Gir ls). • Night A t The Mus eum: Bat tle Of The Smith­so­nian —, t oday at 8 pm: Se­cu­rity g uard Larry D aley in­fil trates the Smith­so­nian Ins titu­tion in or der t o r es­cue Jede­diah and Oc tav­ius, who ha ve been shipped t o the mus eum b y mis ­ take. S tarrs Ben S tiller, Ow en Wils on and Amy A dams. • Ar­maged­don — Mz ansi Magic (DStv chan­nel 16 1), t oday at 8 .35 pm: Nasa sci­en­tists dis cover that a mas­siv e as teroid is he aded s traight f or Earth. The space ag ency r ecruits a mis fit t eam o f drillers t o sa ve the pl anet fr om de struc­tion. S tars Br uce Wil­lis and Ben A ffleck. • Planet o f The Ape s — e .tv, t oday at 10.10 pm: An air f orce as tro­naut cr ash lands on a my ste­ri­ous pl anet wher e evolved, talk­ing ape s dom­i­nat e a r ace of prim­i­tiv e hu­mans. S tars Mark W ahlberg, Hel ena Bon­ham Cart er and Tim Roth. • First D augh­ter — e .tv, to­mor­row at 2 pm: The daught er o f the pr es­i­dent o f the Unit ed S tates he ads t o c ol­lege where she f alls f or a gr ad­u­ate s tu­dent with a s ecret ag enda. S tars K atie Holmes. • We’re The Mill ers — M­Ne t, to­mor­row Brid­gette (Mink a K elly, l eft) and Tim (T om F el­ton) in a s cene fr om Cir­cle. PHOTO: SUP­PLIED

Also worth watch­ing is this week’s edi­tion of 21 I cons South Africa at 8.2 7 pm to­mor­row night on S ABC3. T he sho w shines a spot­light on the dis sident poet James Matthews.

A po­lit­i­cal pris­oner w ho was born in Dis­trict Six and used lit­er­a­ture as a ve­hi­cle to op­pose the ap artheid r egime, M atthews has pub­lished sev­eral col­lec­tions of po­etry, short sto­ries and a novel, and has won nu­mer ous lit er­ary a wards f or his work.

He sa ys: “W e need t o s top think­ing about our­selves in an ex­clu­sive way — as a Xhosa, or a coloured, or an In­dian— and start think­ing about our selves as South Africans.”

Avatar, at 8 .30 pm: A s trip­per help s out a po t dealer b y po sing as p art o f his f ake fam­ily when he he ads t o Me xico t o fetch a ship­ment o f w eed. S tars Jen­nifer Anis ton and Jas on S udeikis. • Wild Wil d W est — Mz ansi Magic (DStv chan­nel 16 1), t omorrow at 9 pm: Men in Black dir ec­tor Barry Son­nenf eld tak es Will S mith t o the wil d w est in this ac ­

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Dis­si­dent P oet tion c om­edy about a f ormer w ar her o and U .S. Mar shal who mus t s top an in­ven­tor fr om s tarting a w ar. The onl y thing in their w ay is their mu­tual dis­lik e. • The X ­ Fil es — I W ant T o Be­lie ve — e .tv, to­mor­row at 11. 20 pm: A f ormer prie st claims t o be ha ving p sy­chic vi­sions about a kid­nap­ping. S tars D avid Du­chovny and Gil­lian An­der son.


Matthews. f ea­tures Jame s

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