Peta wants you to start ‘ bring­ing home the bagels’

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AN­I­MAL rights or­gan­i­sa­tion Peta has sparked con­tro­versy once again.

This time, it’s with a chart on how to “stop using anti-an­i­mal lan­guage,” which has prompted out­rage, amuse­ment, and con­fu­sion.

Peta has come up with more an­i­mal-friendly ver­sions of fa­mil­iar say­ings: “Kill two birds with one stone” be­comes “feed two birds with one scone,” for ex­am­ple, and in­stead of “bring home the ba­con,” they want peo­ple to say “bring home the bagels”.

How­ever, it seems many peo­ple have not re­acted pos­i­tively to the sug­ges­tions, de­scrib­ing the chart as “ridicu­lous”, “pa­thetic”, and “mo­ronic”.

One Twit­ter user @em­miee­har­ri­son re­sponded with: “THIS IS THE BIG­GEST PILE OF HORSE SHI- oh wait, am I not allowed to say that?? Is it in­sult­ing to horse’s fae­cal mat­ter?!?”

An­other sug­gested that Peta’s rec­om­men­da­tions would sim­ply da­m­age the rep­u­ta­tion of ve­g­ans. @bethanyrut­ter said: “Do you ever won­der if PETA is a false flag set up by Big Meat to make ev­ery­one hate ve­g­ans”.

Oth­ers pointed out that there are prob­lems with Peta’s sup­pos­edly im­proved id­ioms too. @Rois­in_OCon­nor said: “You’re not sup­posed to feed scones to birds, feed­ing a fed horse would make it sick and if you pick flow­ers aren’t you de­priv­ing bees of their re­sources? THANK U, NEXT.”

How­ever, Peta is stand­ing by its sug­ges­tions. A spokesper­son told In­sider: “Words mat­ter, and as our un­der­stand­ing of so­cial jus­tice evolves, our lan­guage evolves along with it.

“Just as it be­came unacceptable to use racist, ho­mo­pho­bic, or ableist lan­guage, phrases that triv­i­alise cru­elty to an­i­mals will van­ish as more peo­ple be­gin to ap­pre­ci­ate an­i­mals for who they are and start ‘bring­ing home the bagels’ in­stead of the ba­con.”

Ac­cord­ing to Busi­ness In­sider, the chart comes fol­low­ing the claims of an aca­demic from Swansea Univer­sity that meat metaphors may truly start to dis­ap­pear from our lex­i­con as they don’t re­flect the zeit­geist.

— Busi­ness In­sider SA.

The Peta tweet on ‘anti-an­i­mal lan­guage’ that got Twit­ter all abuzz.

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