I can’t help it, I hate the Gup­tas

Weekend Witness - - Opinion - T. MARKANDAN Dur­ban

HA­TRED is an evil emo­tion and is re­spon­si­ble for much of the vi­o­lence around the globe. It of­ten con­sumes the very per­son har­bour­ing it. But I can­not help it; I hate the Gup­tas.

They have done so much harm to the coun­try and given the In­dian com­mu­nity in this coun­try a bad name. Julius Malema thinks we are all like the avari­cious Gup­tas.

Our fore­fa­thers were brought like cat­tle across the fore­bod­ing In­dian Ocean in creaky sail­ing ves­sels to work on the sugar plan­ta­tions, the mines and the rail­roads.

Un­de­terred by all the hard­ship, they broke their backs in their strug­gle to up­lift them­selves from serf­dom. Fu­ture gen­er­a­tions in­her­ited those good qual­i­ties and we are now the envy of the coun­try.

Smelling easy pick­ings here un­der the crooked Ja­cob Zuma ad­min­is­tra­tion, the three Gupta broth­ers and their fam­i­lies flew over to South Africa in their lux­ury jets to set up sev­eral busi­nesses here.

Rot­ten to the core, they made a for­tune rob­bing and plun­der­ing the coun­try’s wealth and re­sources, and have now flown away as eas­ily as they came, be­fore they could be brought to jus­tice.

But they can­not get far. They are Hin- dus and be­lieve in karma. They will not find in­ner peace and con­tent­ment.

All that stolen money will hang like an al­ba­tross around their necks.

Sooner or later they will be choked by avarice. But I wish I could lay my hands on them be­fore then. I would wring their bloody necks. The Ed­i­tor re­serves the writer to edit all let­ters. All let­ters must con­tain the writer’s full name, ad­dress and con­tact num­ber for record pur­poses or they will not be pub­lished. Well­writ­ten top­i­cal let­ters un­der 220 words will take pref­er­ence. does not guar­an­tee to pub­lish all let­ters.

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