Gift of the Givers brings wa­ter to drought-stricken town

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DIS­AS­TER­r elief­or gan­i­sa­tion­Gif t­o fthe­Giv ers­w as­de­liv er­ing­t ons­o f­bo ttled­w ater­t o­the­dr ought-strick­enBeau­fort­W est­Mu­nicip al­ity­in­theWestern­Cape­y es­ter­day.­

The­or gan­i­sa­tion­s tarted­l oad­ingtrucks­with­bo ttled­w ater­at­it s­Mait­land­w are­house­in­Cape­T own­fr om9­am­y es­ter­day.­

Gift­o f­the­Giv ers’­aid­c ame­as­ane­mer­gency­me asure­t o­as­sis t­the­mu­nic­i­pal­ity,­it s­c om­mu­nity­and­hol­ida ymak­ers,­said­the­f ounder­o f­the­or gan­i­sa­tion,­Dr­Im­tiaz­Sooli­man. ­

“Gift­o f­the­Giv ers­has­int er­vened­in­Beau­fort­W est­with­R10­mil­lion­o f­w a- ter­pr ojects­sinc e­No vem­ber­2017 ,­in­clud­ing­the­drilling­o f­fiv e­bor eholesnear­the­Gamk a­D am,­t wo­bor ehole­sat­s chools­and­t wo­bor eholes­at­ol dage­home s­in­the­t own.

“Hun­dreds­o f­t ons­o f­bo ttled­w ater­have­been­s ent­sinc e­A ugust­2018 .­Fi­nan­cial­sup­port­fr om­g overn­ment­wil­len­able­us­t o­drill­many­mor e­bor e­holes­at­v ery­s trate­gic­sit es­t o­p ar­tially­all evi­ate­the­w ater­chall en­ges­un­tilthe­r ains­ar­riv e,”­he­said. ­

Sooli­man­r equested­that­all­tr avellers­p ass­ing­thr ough­Be au­fort­W est­drop­o ff­s ome­bo ttled­w ater­at­their­fa­cil­ity,­which­is­sit­uat ed­on­the­main­ road­and­is­vis­ibl e­t o­e very­one­p ass­ing.­

Beau­fort­W est­is­de­pen­dent­on­three­dif fer­ent­w ater­s ources,­mainl ythe­Gamk a­D am,­S pring­fontein­D amand­W alker­D am,­and­36­bor eholes­in­six­aquif ers,­and­a­w ater­r ecla­ma­tion­plant.­

In­a­s tate­ment­r eleased­b y­the­mu­nic­i­pal­ity,­it­said­the­dr ought­had­tak - en­it s­t oll­on­the­ar ea­and­the­mu­nic­i­pal­ity­c ould­no­l onger­pr ovide­w aterto­it s­peopl e­t o­c over­b asic­s er­vice­sand­needs. ­

“The­t own­is­lit er­ally­on­it s­knee s­t find­w ays­t o­pr ovide­w ater­t o­the­ o­ com­mu­nity.­Emer gency­bo ttled­w aterin­the­t wo­s tore­rooms­ar e­r un­ning­l ow­due­t o­the­mu­nicip al­ity­dis trib­ut­ing14­ 000­litr es­per­da y,­with­e achhouse­hold­r eceiv­ing­onl y­10­litr es,”­thes­tate­ment­r ead.­

In­the­ab sence­o f­r ain,­onl y­27­outof­40­bor eholes­ar e­no w­func tional.The­r ecla­ma­tion­pl ant­has­no t­beenser­viced­f or­the­p ast­t wo­months­and­will­be­s er­viced­this­w eek­end.­

This­will­r esult­in­many­ar eas­in­town­ha ving­no­ac cess­t o­w ater.­Allthree­r es­er­voirs­ar e­critic ally­l ow­an­dare­s trug­gling­t o­pr ovide­w ater­t o­thecom­mu­nity.­—­Ne ws24.

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