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A HIL­TON woman, Hay­ley Gray, re­cently launched her Go­ing Green pro­ject where she en­cour­ages stores to change from the nor­mal plas­tics to her biodegrad­able bags that she says dis­solve within two min­utes in hot wa­ter.

“If the packet does not melt in hot wa­ter it’s not biodegrad­able. Most of the pack­ets out there are 50% plas­tic but have the words biodegrad­able on them. The pack­ets that I am sell­ing are zero per­cent plas­tic,” Gray said.

Gray said the mall’s call to do away with plas­tic bags was a bril­liant and for­ward-think­ing ini­tia­tive that will have a pos­i­tive im­pact on pol­lu­tion and our en­vi­ron­ment as a whole.

— Week­end Wit­ness Reporter. • [email protected]­ nor­mal plas­tic bags and would ask us why we were still sell­ing them.

“So, I sup­pose we will just use that and slowly fade the plas­tic bags away,” said Markhan. • [email protected]­

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