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SPORT 34 Weekend Witness May 25, 2019 January 3-8: January 16-20: January 24-28: January 31: February 1: February 4: February 7: February 9: February 12: February 14: February 16: 2nd Test, Cape Town (10.30 am) 3rd Test, Port Elizabeth (10 am) 4th Test, Johannesbu­rg (10 am) SA Inv. XI v England, Paarl (10 am) SA Inv. XI v England, Paarl (10 am) 1st ODI, Cape Town (1 pm) 2nd ODI, Durban (1 pm) 3rd ODI, Johannesbu­rg (10 am) 1st T20I, East London (6 pm) 2nd T20I, Durban (6 pm) 3rd T20I, Centurion (2.30 pm) SOUTH AFRICA v AUSTRALIA FIXTURES February 21: February 23: February 26: February 29: March 4: March 7: 1st T20I, Johannesbu­rg (6 pm) 2nd T20I, Port Elizabeth (2.30 pm) 3rd T20I, Cape Town (6 pm) 1st ODI, Paarl (1 pm) 2nd ODI, Bloemfonte­in (1 pm) 3rd ODI, Potchefstr­oom (10 am) SOUTH AFRICA v ENGLAND FIXTURES December 17-18: December 20-22: December 26-30: Inv. XI v England, Benoni (10 am) SA ‘A’ v England, Benoni (10 am) 1st Test, Centurion (10 am) PMB SPORTS ROUND-UP DARTS Wednesday’s Lister & Lister Attorneys 4Ball Alliance (2 scores even holes, 3 scores odd holes) results: Results of the Farmers Agri-care Monthly Mug, May 18 10 am - 10km aQuellé Kids Ride (Normal Entries - R70, Late Entries - R90) Normal entries close at midnight tomorrow but late entries will be taken until midnight on Wednesday. Crusaders to a draw. However, Super Rugby’s talking point of the week would surely be the fact that captain Siya Kolisi opted for a penalty kick at goal, in the final moments of the game, ensuring them a draw, which at this stage of the competitio­n would be of little significan­ce, (other than hoping for some other results going their way), instead of going for the win, and then, afterwards, still had the audacity of questionin­g (arguing) the ref’s ruling of “game over”, which was explained to Kolisi in full beforehand. Considerin­g the known fact that refs hardly ever change their decisions, once it’s made, (apologise if they’re wrong, yes, but not easily changed), Kolisi’s actions were foolhardy, to say the least. But considerin­g the fact that in top flight rugby, all available points must be taken first and foremost, without considerin­g the ifs and buts, spare a thought for Kolisi, as he surely was firmly stuck between a rock and a hard place. (With success, or failure, going forward in Super Rugby 2019, seemingly hinging on this descision). It is decisions such as these, in the heat of the moment with time running out, that distinguis­h between good and great captains. Not for the faintheart­ed. Did Kolisi make the right decision? We’ll probably never know, but what we do know for sure, is that Kolisi will be (should be) all the better for this little epic scenario. A timely experience, on the brink of RWC 2019. Msunduzi Darts Associatio­n May 22 Results: 1st: Heinrich Sander nett 69 2nd: Fanie van Wyk nett 71 3rd: Lawrence Savage nett 73 4th: Barry van Niekerk nett 77 5th: Mike Harrison nett 78 Nearest to pin 9/18th: Fanie van Wyk. Sporting 11 - 10 Lipstick Jokers 9 - 12 Aces Tigers 6 - 15 Midlands Flyers Marxmen 6 - 15 Joey’s Wild Cats 8 - 13 4Js Jokers too v Fawnleas pp Achievemen­ts: John Wahl (4Js) 180 1. M Anderson, G Mason, R Morrison, D Frankish 109 2. M Norton, R Frei, A Gane, N Smith 106 3. M Walsh, K Walsh, A Greene, T Tatham 106 Draw for today’s Moffatt Optical 4BBBS 06:32 Dawn patrol & morning school; 06:40 Dawn patrol & morning school; 06:48 Dawn patrol & morning school; 06:56 Dawn patrol & morning School; 7:04 Group booking; 07:12 Group booking; 07:20 Group booking; 07:28 Group booking; 07:36 Group booking; 07:44 Group booking; 07:52 Group booking; 08:00 Group booking; 08:08 Group booking; 08:16 Group booking; 07:04 Group booking; 07:12 Group booking; 07:20 Group booking; 07:28 Group booking; 07:36 Group booking; 07:44 Group booking; 07:52 Group booking; 08:00 I Hanekom snr, I Hanekom jnr, Guest 11:04 R Kleinhans, D vd Merwe, C Marais, P Claasens; 11:12 M Erasmus, Partners; 11:20 S Carruthers, W Carruthers, B Antonic, T Antonic; 11:28 M Allee; 11:36 L Joubert, D De Wet, A Dada, Partner; 11:44 D Moodley, Partners; 11:52 G Palmer, R Kelland, J Sherman, Partner; 12:00 P Dewes, A Walker, Partner, Partner; 12:08 Captains Time; 12:16 A Tarr, C Cordier, J Borchardt, K Parsons; 12:24 R Goosen, W Hulbert, P Trimborn, Partner; 12:32 D Nicholson, C Everson, B Parsonage; 12:00 D Frankish, M Anderson, G Mason, S Smith SPORTSMAIL IN denouncing gay rights, by abonishing gay people to a hypothetic­al hell, Israel Folau, Australian rugby fullback, earned himself a hefty fine of R40 million (loss of contract), and banishment from all future involvemen­t with the Australasi­an set-up. This mindboggli­ng scenario just goes to prove the extreme hipocrisy between the various fields of society, (especially sports), in trying to contain hate speech, for instance: high-profile politician­s, (and others), may go around freely advocating similiar messages, as well as obscenetie­s, such as the killing of white people, etc. all in the name of so-called “freedom of speech”. Without condoning Folau’s sentiments, it seems that high-profile sports people, (espesciall­y rugby), are under a very tight, (unfair) reign, rememberin­g the catchphras­e slogan: “bringing the game into disrepute”. If only Julius Malema and Andile Mngxitama were Springbok rugby players. Morning field: 1st Tee: MTB THE 2019 edition of the Sappi Karkloof Trail Festival, which includes the Stihl Karkloof Enduro, takes place next weekend, June 1 and 2, at Karkloof Country Club. The event schedule: GOLF Maritzburg Golf Club Draw for Bunkers Golf Club Individual Stableford today 1st Tee: 11th Tee: • Saturday, June 1 7 am - 18km Karkloof Trail Run (Normal Entries - R150, Late Entries - R170) 7.30 am- 9km Karkloof Trail Run (Normal Entries - R110, Late Entries R130) 12 pm - STIHL Karkloof Enduro (Normal Entries - R180, Late Entries - R220) 07:30 M Degenaar, C Englund, A Loxton; 07:37 R Brophy, J Paikin, K Brown, R Roux; 07:44 A Clarke, T Westermeye­r, R Brown, R Englund; 07:00 F Snyman, G Moyle; 07:15 R De Jongh, B Dunkley, F Roux, B Seymour- Brown; 07:22 G Gower, B Mbhele, G Bird, A Slater 10th Tee: Afternoon field: 1st Tee: • Sunday, June 2 Sweeny Cup Draw for Individual Medal Today 1st Tee: 7.30 am - 60km Sappi Karkloof Marathon (Normal Entries - R230, Late Entries - R270) 8.30 am - 40km aQuellé Half Marathon (Normal Entries - R190, Late Entries - R230) 9.20 am - 9km Karkloof Trail Run (Normal Entries - R110, Late Entries R130) 9.30 am - 20km aQuellé Family Ride (Normal Entries - R140, Late Entries - R180) 10:30 B Gray, W Austin, A Kimberely; 11:00 B Ndlovu, B Daff, G Sithole; 11:15 B Malunga, R Masikane, L Majola; 11:45 D Biggs, F Wiese, A vd Merwe; 11:53 P Jonker; 12:00 B Pridmore, C B Forman, R Cumming; 12:23 M Xaba, D Milford, R Spearman ANTHONY TIMMS Cramond 11th Tee: CONGRATULA­TIONS to a down-and-out Stormers outfit, considerin­g their standing near the bottom of both the overall and conference logs, in holding the mighty ANTHONY TIMMS Cramond Victoria Country Club St Cathryns GC PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­r.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGI NAL COPY . 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