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Ac­cord­ing to Al­lergy Foun­da­tion South Africa, up to seven mil­lion South Africans suf­fer from asthma (10% of adults and 20% of chil­dren).

Pro­fes­sor Mike Levin, Head of Di­vi­sion of Asthma and Al­lergy at the Univer­sity of Cape Town, says: “Adul­ton­set asthma is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent from child­hood asthma be­cause the usual al­ler­gic trig­gers are less com­monly the root cause. In adult-on­set asthma, causes in­clude in­fec­tions, a new al­ler­gen, or even some trig­ger in the work en­vi­ron­ment. Adult asthma may be wors­ened by other ill­nesses at the same time, such as re­flux, chronic bron­chi­tis and heart dis­ease.” Symp­toms in­clude cough­ing, wheez­ing, tight­ness in the chest and short­ness of breath, which are caused by in­flam­ma­tion within the air­ways. Com­mon trig­gers in­clude ex­er­cise, hor­monal changes, cer­tain foods and cig­a­rette smoke.

For more info on asthma, visit al­ler­gy­foun­da­, or call 081 405 8442. al­ler­gy­foun­da­

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