How to find the per­fect sum­mer dress Ex­pert tips

End­lessly flat­ter­ing and easy to wear, there’s one out there for ev­ery­one, writes Anna Mur­phy

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It re­ally is the best pos­si­ble news. That the sum­mer dress is hav­ing its mo­ment. On the one hand, who cares about fash­ion’s whims? The sensible among us never stopped wear­ing this most flat­ter­ingly fem­i­nine of items. On the other, hur­rah! So many beau­teous frocks to choose from at the shops. And with stealth tweaks that add a cool edge to their wom­an­hood­en­hanc­ing lines, such as a sub­tly asym­met­ric hem­line. (Truly. Sounds odd. Looks awe­some.) Or a mod­ern flo­ral print that’s brighter and bolder. Or a clash-match of con­trast pat­terns. There’s more good news. Sleeves are plen­ti­ful. Re­mem­ber how we used to lament their demise? Where oh where are the dresses with sleeves, we used to ask. An­swer, fi­nally: ev­ery­where! “What does ev­ery wo­man look good in, what­ever her age and size?” asked the soignée sep­tu­a­ge­nar­ian Carolina Her­rera when I met her re­cently. It was a rhetor­i­cal ques­tion, of course. “A dress,” con­tin­ued the world-renowned fash­ion de­signer. “It’s not a pair of jeans. It’s a dress.” The fash­ion icon her­self was wear­ing a denim shirt-dress so up­scale as to be wed­ding-guest ap­pro­pri­ate.

Surely it can’t be that straight­for­ward, though? Not quite. “You have to get the pro­por­tions right,” says Carolina. “The dress shouldn’t wear you. You should wear the dress.” And be­fore you buy any­thing at all – frock or oth­er­wise – you need what the de­signer calls “the most es­sen­tial ac­ces­sory a wo­man can have”. Which is? “A full-length mir­ror. And you stand in front of it and ask, ‘What do I need? What is wrong with me?’”

I have fur­ther good news: there are more ways of wear­ing a dress than ever be­fore. If the fab­ric is fine and flow­ing – a good rule of thumb, gen­er­ally – you might layer it over jeans or trousers, adding ex­tra at­ti­tude with a pair of an­kle boots, or, for a more la­dy­like ap­proach, with this sea­son’s nano-heel (su­per-small, su­per-wear­able). If the dress is a wrap or but­ton-down, you can add in a T-shirt, and leave it open so that it works like a ki­mono or duster coat.

The sum­mer dress. We love it, it loves us. ’Tis go­ing to be the sum­mer of our con­tent. w&h

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