Women's Health Walking Workouts



Do this routine on day 1 of weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6. For maximum benefit, focus on contractin­g your butt muscles throughout the drills (you should feel your bum, not just your thighs, working). Then maintain that feeling that your glutes are working by squeezing your butt muscles with every step.

Workout at a glance

Start walking at an easy, windowshop­ping pace. Gradually increase to a brisk, late-for-an-appointmen­t speed over the next 10 minutes. Then stop walking and do drill 1 for 20 seconds. (Each week, increase the duration by 20 seconds until you’re doing each drill for a full minute in week five.) Follow with five minutes of brisk walking, then do the next drill followed by five minutes of brisk walking. After the last drill and brisk-walking interval, cool down by strolling at an easy pace for four minutes. Total workout time: 35 to 38 minutes.

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