Women's Health Walking Workouts



In a study, women who added 60 points’ worth of steps to their day improved their blood pressure and bloodsugar levels. “Adding just 60 points of activity can protect you from obesity, diabetes and heart disease,” explains Thompson. Do just a little more than that and you can actually get the health benefits of working out without all the work. Aim to accumulate 75 points daily.

Your healthy day at a glance

TOTAL 75 TO 77 POINTS PRE-WORK Climb steps for three minutes (3 pts). MORNING Take the long way to the office printer or copier (1 to 2 pts). NOON Go for a 15-minute easy walk (15 pts). AFTERNOON Take the long way to the kitchen or use a bathroom that’s further away (1 to 2 pts). POST-WORK Take a 15-minute brisk walk through a hilly neighbourh­ood or park (45 pts). EVENING Do 10 minutes of garden work (pulling weeds, mulching beds) or houseclean­ing (10 pts).

65-Point Heart Boost

This workout is like a shot in the arm for your cardiovasc­ular health. 1 Walk easily for 10 minutes to warm up (10 pts). 2 Alternate walking briskly for four minutes (8 pts) and walking with power strides for one minute (3 pts). 3 Repeat (2) three more times (33 pts). 4 Walk easily for eight minutes (8 pts). 5 Stretch for three minutes (3 pts).

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