Women's Health Walking Workouts



Exercise that increases your aerobic fitness helps you lose twice as much belly fat as leisurely activity. Each day, log at least 90 points of two-plus point activity.

Your belly-fat-burning day at a glance

TOTAL 90 POINTS PRE-WORK Walk up five flights of stairs (5 pts). NOON Walk easily for five minutes (5 pts), then pick up the pace to a brisk walk for 10 minutes (20 pts). Go as fast as you can for two minutes (6 pts) and bring it back to brisk for five minutes (10 pts). Repeat the two-minute accelerati­on/five-minute brisk walk for one more cycle (16 pts). Finish with one minute at top speed (3 pts). Cool down for five minutes (5 pts). POST-WORK Take a 15-minute stroll (15 pts), then do five minutes of stretching (5 pts).

40-Point Fat Shrinker

Squeeze in strength-training to burn fat faster. 1 March for five minutes (5 pts). 2 Perform one minute of each: push-ups (2 pts), jumping jacks (3 pts), ab crunches (2 pts), marching (1.5 pts), squats (2 pts), jumping jacks (3 pts), pliés – squat with feet wide, toes facing out – (2 pts). 3 Repeat circuit (15.5 pts). 4 March for two minutes (2 pts). 5 Stretch for two minutes (2 pts).

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