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Some walkers spend plenty of time choosing the right shoe, but few take the trouble to find the ideal sock. That’s too bad because if you don’t pair the proper sock with your shoe, you’ll increase your risk of blisters and other health issues, like athlete’s foot. Here are a few guidelines to help you slip into the right pair.

1. Find socks before you shoe shop.

Socks come before shoes – and not just when you’re getting dressed. Choose a pair based on your shoe size and make sure they’re snug, but not tight. If they’re loose, they can bunch up (causing blisters); if they’re tight, they can stretch out (ruining the moisture-wicking fibres). Falke.co.za and ShopBalega.co.za have a wide range of socks with different fabric tech.

2. You can stay cool without cotton.

Any sock made of synthetic fibres will keep your feet cooler and drier than cotton. Fabrics, such as Cool Max, acrylic blends and Teflon blends, are all good options. Just skip the cotton: once the fabric gets wet, it stays wet and it doesn’t hold up well to washing, easily losing its shape and becoming abrasive.

3. There are two ways to beat blisters.

If you blister easily, opt for a thicker pair of socks or consider layering your walking socks over a thin sock liner. In studies done by the US military, layering systems prevented blistering.

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