You’re prob­a­bly aware that you’re not the only per­son with a “close” re­la­tion­ship to sugar, but chances are the rea­sons be­hind it are unique to you. Be­fore you be­gin the eat­ing plan, let’s take some time to help you get to the root of the is­sue

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Can you think of a more un­re­al­is­tic goal than shun­ning all su­gar, es­pe­cially with­out know­ing why you’d much rather pol­ish off a bag of Chuck­les? At some point in your life, you learnt to pre­fer sug­ary foods, or su­gar was shoe­horned into your diet with­out you notic­ing. This plan is de­signed to help you un­learn those pref­er­ences and re­de­fine the role of su­gar in your diet – as a small but en­joy­able part of a whole­some, nu­tri­tious and de­li­cious way of eat­ing.

So, be­fore you start Stage 1, it’s im­por­tant to take a few days to pre­pare and ac­cli­ma­tise for what lies ahead. Like div­ing into chilly wa­ter, go­ing from a su­gar-packed diet to a su­gar-smart one in a sin­gle leap can be a shock to your sys­tem (and make you more likely to leap back out again).

Over the next five days, you’ll fol­low your reg­u­lar diet as you grad­u­ally ta­per your in­take of sug­ars from all three sources – Straight-Up Sug­ars, Se­cret Sug­ars, and Su­gar Mim­ics. This ap­proach will al­low your body and mind time to ad­just and give you the op­por­tu­nity to re­ally un­der­stand the role that su­gar plays in your life and your diet.

Dur­ing the first two days, you’ll have ex­actly the same food and drink that you nor­mally do, but keep a log of ev­ery­thing you’ve con­sumed (and, if pos­si­ble, in what quan­ti­ties). On Day 3, you’ll use this log to com­plete an ex­er­cise de­signed to re­veal three cru­cial sides of your unique su­gar pro­file:

• The su­gar sources that get to you most.

• The emo­tions that trig­ger your need for su­gar.

• Your every­day habits of su­gar con­sump­tion.

Dur­ing Days 3 to 5, you’ll be tak­ing prac­ti­cal ac­tion to elim­i­nate sug­ars from your kitchen and get your fridge, freezer and cup­boards ready for Phase 1 of the Shrink Your Su­gar Belly eat­ing plan.

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