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The fridge dig­its to ramp up your food’s nu­tri­tional value

2-3°C The ideal tem­per­a­ture to keep nasty bac­te­ria at bay. TIP: Cold air sinks, so the bot­tom of the fridge is coolest. Keep your raw meat here.

4-5°C Your non-per­ish­ables like but­ter, jam and eggs need to be in the warm­est part of the fridge. TIP: Keep them on the top shelf of your fridge door.

13°C Cu­cum­bers will taste per­fect at this tem­per­a­ture. That’s the key to keep­ing them crunchy. TIP: Wrap them in a dish cloth and keep on the top shelf.

21°C Yes, room temp. Leave watermelon out to dou­ble its ly­copene and beta-carotene con­tent. TIP: Leave it for a few days; pop in the fridge a day be­fore eat­ing.

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