Women's Health - Shrink Your Sugar Belly - - DAYS 13-20 -

Sleep is es­sen­tial to weight-loss suc­cess, but chances are this week your brain will be nag­ging you to raid the fridge un­der cover of dark­ness – leav­ing you fraz­zled for the next day and much more likely to give in to sugar temp­ta­tion. A US study us­ing yoga-breath­ing tech­niques to treat anx­i­ety-based in­som­nia found that all vol­un­teers re­ported bet­ter qual­ity and quan­tity of sleep. To get the best pos­si­ble, try a breath­ing tech­nique called “4-7-8 breath­ing”. With your tongue rest­ing on the roof of your mouth, just be­hind your up­per teeth, ex­hale com­pletely. Close your mouth, then in­hale through your nose for four counts. Hold your breath for seven counts, then ex­hale while count­ing to eight in your head. Re­peat this three more times.

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