Women's Health - Shrink Your Sugar Belly - - DAYS 13-20 -

Are ev­ery­day life has­sles what make you reach for sugar? Here’s how to de-stress with­out grab­bing a jumbo bag of Ghost Pops

Cir­cu­lar breath­ing is a sim­ple way to re­lieve stress fast and you can do it any­where, at any time. When you’re anx­ious, off cen­tre or feel like you’ll ex­plode, do a round of cir­cu­lar breath­ing – five to 10 breaths should do it. Dur­ing days 6 to 12, aim to use this ex­er­cise five or more times a day, to help your body and mind form a strong, pos­i­tive habit. What’s more, ac­cord­ing to a re­cent study in the Jour­nal of Al­ter­na­tive and Com­ple­men­tary Medicine, re­lax­ation breath­ing af­ter meals helps pre­vent glu­cose spikes.

1 In­hale and stretch your arms over your head. Ex­hale, sigh­ing as you lower them. Re­lax and keep your arms low­ered for the rest of the ex­er­cise.

2 Now imag­ine that you’re in­hal­ing a stream of peace­ful en­ergy into a spot 10cm below your navel.

3 Con­tinue in­hal­ing, imag­in­ing the en­ergy trav­el­ling to the base of your spine, then imag­ine it trav­el­ling up your back to the top of your head.

4 Ex­hale and men­tally fol­low that breath back down the front of your body to the point below your navel where you’ll be­gin the next in­hale. Your breath has now made a full cir­cle – up the back of your body, down the front and back to the start­ing place below your navel.

5 Do five to 10 cir­cu­lar breaths. You can also use cir­cle breaths for a longer pe­riod as a form of med­i­ta­tion.

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