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Kin­rys ex­plains how to ex­press your­self with­out words. You want to… Show him you’re hav­ing a good time DO THIS Lightly touch his hand. NOT THAT Shift your weight from foot to foot. (You’ll look bored.) Get him to ask for your phone num­ber DO THIS Face him, with your feet point­ing to­wards his. (This makes it clear you’re in­ter­ested in see­ing him again.) NOT THAT Stand or sit right be­side him. Make a move on a guy friend DO THIS Re­veal your neck. It’s sexy AF. NOT THAT Get overly touchy. (Guys can in­ter­pret this as sis­terly.) Get his at­ten­tion from across the room DO THIS Give him a smile. NOT THAT Play with your hair. (It’s too sub­tle from far away!)

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