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We got naked this is­sue… Well, not re­ally... But we thought about it. A lot. And we asked you about it. In great de­tail. Women’s Health is a net­work of mag­a­zines, pub­lished in 32 coun­tries around the world. Four years ago, we de­cided to cap­i­talise on this epic foot­print and launched The Global Naked Sur­vey, giv­ing all of you – as well as your sis­ters in coun­tries as far-flung as Poland, Thai­land, Greece, the US, UK, Aus­tralia and be­yond – the chance to tell us how you re­ally feel about your naked bod­ies. Turns out, us South African babes are a body-lov­ing bunch – and amen to that! The re­sults were cheer­fully op­ti­mistic: more than 75 per­cent of you think you’re beau­ti­ful (you are!) and half of you are totes com­fort­able cruis­ing around naked (we’ll work on up­ping that even fur­ther next year). Like me, most of you rated your legs and then your shoul­ders as the parts of your beau­ti­ful bods that you love the most. And your tummy came in last – least loved, sorry abs. Or as mine should read: “where are you, abs?!” Shy, sneaky bug­gers those... You think you’re work­ing them re­ally hard and giv­ing them all the love and en­cour­age­ment, but put them in a crop top or bikini and they just dis­ap­pear. No word or warn­ing, just gone. Not a rip or a shred to be had. Bloody hate that. So, you can only imag­ine my hor­ror at the fact that I’ve cho­sen two forms of ex­er­cise that prac­ti­cally beg you to shed your shirt they’re so sweaty – yoga and S.W.E.A.T. 1000. When I was in New York a few years ago, I stum­bled across an out­door work­out – a whole whack of women who were giv­ing it gas on sta­tion­ary bikes in the mid­dle of one of Man­hat­tan’s busiest squares in crops em­bla­zoned with the words ‘Dare To Bare’. I think of them ev­ery sin­gle time I con­sider fling­ing off my vest in the half dark of those stu­dios. And it’s prob­a­bly the most likely place I ever would – like the over­whelm­ing ma­jor­ity of sur­vey-go­ers, you and I feel most con­fi­dent just af­ter a work­out. Boom! Huz­zah to us for killing it and mak­ing those en­dor­phins work for us! We are a brand that’s all about self-love, about strong-not-skinny and lov­ing the shape you’re in, so I urge you to en­joy the pages and pages of in­ter­est­ing stats, in­spir­ing sto­ries and amaz­ing women that make up this year’s Global Naked Sur­vey on page 88. And then you should prob­a­bly go ahead and take a naked moon­walk through your house. I’m go­ing to.


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