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Full­ness hack: add a low-kilo­joule to your menu be­fore a meal; it’ll en­sure you gorge on less later. “Broth-based soups are full of wa­ter, which adds vol­ume and weight but no kilo­joules,” ex­plains Rolls. “The sight of an ex­tra course and the greater vol­ume in your stom­ach trig­ger stretch re­cep­tors that sig­nal you’re full.” In a clin­i­cal study, Rolls found that women served a chicken and rice soup be­fore lunch re­ported feel­ing fuller than those served a pre­lunch chicken and rice casse­role and a glass of wa­ter (con­sist­ing of ex­actly the same in­gre­di­ents) or the casse­role alone. The soup-eaters con­sumed 400 fewer kilo­joules at lunch and didn’t com­pen­sate at din­ner.

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