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We’ve all suf­fered from irk­some skin com­plaints – here’s how to get rid of two of the most com­mon


SPOT IT Small red or white bumps on arms, thighs and bum, caused by the build-up of ker­atin pro­tein in hair fol­li­cles. It kind of looks like chicken skin. TREAT IT En­v­i­ron Derma-Lac Lo­tion (R295). It’s a lightly fra­granced lo­tion that helps to soften rough ar­eas on your skin. It also helps to boost skin’s mois­ture.


SPOT IT Itchy, red, in­flamed ar­eas that ap­pear on hands, arms and the back of legs, usu­ally when skin is dry or you’re stressed. TREAT IT Aveeno Der­mexa Body Wash (R170). The for­mula is made with col­loidal oats and is clin­i­cally proven to soothe extra-dry, itchy and ir­ri­tated skin.

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