SAM BECKBESSINGER Au­thor of Man­age Your Money Like A F*ck­ing Grownup “The older I get, the more okay I am with this ca­reer amor­phous­ness.”


The start

Sam had a desk job that she liked, pri­ori­tis­ing fea­tures for 22seven, a free lo­cal mon­ey­man­age­ment app. The com­pany was cool too. The prob­lem? Her. “I felt like I’m just tem­per­a­men­tally un­suited to hav­ing a boss,” she says. Still, she hung around be­cause leav­ing a re­li­able pay cheque felt too dif­fi­cult. “And then the best pos­si­ble thing hap­pened to me,” she says. “I got re­trenched. It was ex­actly the push I needed. I haven’t looked back for a sec­ond.”

The push

Be­cause Sam had made a habit of sav­ing a big chunk of her salary, she had enough to pur­sue what she wanted. “Im­me­di­ately af­ter I was re­trenched, I took a month off and wrote most of the book,” she says. Since her job in­volved think­ing about money, she had a lot to say. “It felt im­por­tant to close off that chap­ter of my life by shar­ing the stuff I’d learnt,” she says.


Now, Sam’s life is made up of a lit­tle bit of all the things she en­joys, but that also pay the bills: UX de­sign, strate­gis­ing for busi­nesses and help­ing peo­ple man­age their money bet­ter. For her, the idea isn’t to stick to one thing com­pletely. “I felt a lot of angst when I was younger try­ing to work out what I wanted to ‘be’ when I grow up,” she says. “Now, I mostly think about what I want to ‘do’ to­day that will feel mean­ing­ful.”

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