“I have very tight hip flex­ors, so I strug­gle to be on top dur­ing sex. How can I in­crease my flex­i­bil­ity?”

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AN­SWER “With tight hip flex­ors, it usu­ally means there is a weak mus­cle some­where else. Im­prov­ing your mus­cu­lar strength and en­durance will have a twofold ef­fect as you’ll be able to re­lease and take strain off those tight flex­ors and in­crease stamina dur­ing on-top sex. If your front flex­ors are tight, it means you have weak glutes. Ex­er­cises that will help with this are hip thrusts, squats and co­bra pose. Through each of th­ese move­ments, you want to make sure that you’re ex­tend­ing those hips and squeez­ing into the glutes, push­ing your pelvis for­ward as you ex­tend. If you strug­gle with your in­ter­nal flex­ors (in the groin area), ex­er­cises like sumo squats and lat­eral lunges will re­lease the flex­ors, while also strength­en­ing the ad­duc­tors (in­ner thigh) and ac­ti­vat­ing your hip and knee sta­bilis­ers. You re­ally want to open up your hips in th­ese move­ments, so push them back, mak­ing sure your knees don’t ex­tend be­yond your toes. You can also stretch them out in happy baby pose: lie on your back with knees bent to your chest, your feet flexed and par­al­lel to the ceil­ing. Grab the out­sides of your feet with your hands and pull them down so your knees move to­wards the floor.” – Aneeka Buys, mas­ter trainer

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