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Get hot and sweaty at Planet Fit­ness with this 50 minute HIIT work­out. 50 ex­er­cises us­ing body weight and a va­ri­ety of equip­ment in 50 sec­ond bursts will surely make strong the new sexy. HIIT train­ing is fast and ef­fec­tive, train­ing for shorter pe­ri­ods of time and com­bin­ing car­dio and strength to give you a full body work­out. Boost your me­tab­o­lism, in­crease en­durance, lose fat - not mus­cle, burn loads of calo­ries and never get bored.

Want a per­fect booty? Brazil­ian Booty Blast™ – ex­clu­sive to Planet Fit­ness will get your booty to turn heads! Let’s shake it! Burn it! Boost it! Blast it! Tw­erk it! With a va­ri­ety of lower body ex­er­cises per­formed to Brazil­ian mu­sic – ex­pe­ri­ence the hottest booty work­out of the sea­son! A well-trained booty isn’t just good to look at – it has the largest and strong­est group of mus­cles in your body where your high­est fat per­cent­age is stored, so why wouldn’t you do a fo­cused work­out to blast that booty? Brazil­ian Booty Blast™ fo­cuses on lower body strength ex­er­cises as well as car­dio to firm and lift that booty.

Ditch the work­out, join the party! Zumba® Fit­ness is per­fect for ev­ery­body and ev­ery body at Planet Fit­ness! Each Zumba® class takes the “work” out of work­out, by mix­ing low-in­ten­sity and high-in­ten­sity moves for an in­ter­val-style, calo­rie-burn­ing dance fit­ness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba® Fit­ness classes are of­ten called ex­er­cise in dis­guise. Su­per ef­fec­tive? Check. Su­per fun? Check and check. A to­tal work­out, com­bin­ing all el­e­ments of fit­ness – car­dio, mus­cle con­di­tion­ing, bal­ance and flex­i­bil­ity, boosted en­ergy and a se­ri­ous dose of awe­some each time you leave the class.

With Power Box ex­clu­sive to Planet Fit­ness, kick and punch away your stress with a pow­er­ful full body work­out. Ex­plode into ba­sic com­bi­na­tions of mar­tial arts and box­ing move­ments to el­e­vate your heart rate and in­crease mus­cu­lar en­durance. Let’s not for­get to add lower body move­ments with knee strikes and kicks as well as car­dio to burn those calo­ries. Power Box is a high in­ten­sity ses­sion com­pli­mented by high en­ergy mu­sic and mo­ti­va­tion. Get a taste of all these group ex­er­cise classes and more at the PLANET FIT­NESS SWEAT Party. Smash your 2019 fit­ness goals with us...

Blue Blood is the all-new, hard-hit­ting pre-work­out to op­ti­mize per­for­mance, pump & re­cov­ery. It is pre­cisely dosed with premium in­gre­di­ents at max­i­mum dosage for your best work­out yet. BCAA 12:1:1 is a zero-sugar, zero-sodium, stim­u­lant-free re­fresh­ing BCAA drink with a su­per-ra­tio of 12:1:1.

BlueLab™ 100% Whey is an ul­tra-premium blend of the high­est qual­ity whey protein iso­late, con­cen­trate and hy­drolysate for op­ti­mal mus­cle de­vel­op­ment, sup­port and re­cov­ery. Com­bine USN prod­ucts with a com­pre­hen­sive train­ing rou­tine to reach your fit­ness goals quicker in 2019! www.usn.co.za

BCAA Amino+ is a premium qual­ity amino acid sup­ple­ment with a highly ef­fec­tive amino acid ra­tio of 2:1:1 to use pre- and in­tra-work­out for op­ti­mal en­ergy, en­durance and re­cov­ery. BCAA Amino+ is free from stim­u­lants. B4-Burn Sher­bet is a ther­mo­genic, pow­er­ful pre-work­out for­mu­lated with patented in­gre­di­ents to boost en­ergy and stamina while aid­ing weight loss and toning.

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