Eat your best, score big ben­e­fits

Dis­like kale? Don’t want to spend loads on all-or­ganic? These nutri­ent all-stars fit any palate and bud­get

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Eggs GOOD // Con­ven­tional

They’re a fill­ing, protein-packed source of mus­cle­build­ing amino acids, brain-boost­ing choline and vi­ta­min D for healthy bones.

BET­TER // Pas­ture-raised

The hens that laid these orbs got to peck around on grass and in­sects in an open pas­ture, which may dou­ble the amount of hearthealthy omega-3 fatty acids and vi­ta­min E com­pared with con­ven­tional eggs.

BEST // Pas­ture-raised and or­ganic

You score the nutri­tional perks of free-roam­ing chick­ens that have dined on or­ganic feed that’s free of syn­thetic pes­ti­cides and her­bi­cides, some of which have been linked to can­cer and ner­voussys­tem dam­age.

Beef GOOD // “Select” or “Choice”

These cuts are leaner than “prime” ones, but still pack plenty of juici­ness and flavour.

BET­TER // Or­ganic

This meat comes from cat­tle that grazed on pes­ti­cide­free grass or or­ganic grain and haven’t been given an­tibi­otics, which may lead to dru­gre­sis­tant in­fec­tions in hu­mans.

BEST // Or­ganic, grass-fed

You’ll get less fat and more omega-3s, an­tiox­i­dants and con­ju­gated linoleic acid – a type of fat as­so­ci­ated with a re­duced risk for heart dis­ease, can­cer and high choles­terol.

Bread GOOD // Whole grain

These loaves use all three lay­ers of a grain: the fi­brepacked outer bran layer, the vi­ta­m­i­nand min­eral-rich in­ner germ and the starchy en­dosperm.

BET­TER // 100 per­cent whole­wheat or 100 per­cent whole grain

Zero pro­cessed flour means more protein, vi­ta­mins and min­er­als, as well as the fi­bre that helps fend off heart dis­ease and keep you slim.

BEST // Sprout­ed­grain bread

The sprouting process breaks down en­zyme in­hibitors (block­ers in grains that make their vi­ta­mins harder to di­gest), so nu­tri­ents are more eas­ily ab­sorbed. Look for a brand with at least three grams of fi­bre per slice and no sugar.

Rice GOOD // White

All white rice starts out as brown, which means the milling process strips the husk, bran and germ. So, you’ll get a lot less fi­bre out of the dish, but it’s still got iron and protein.

BET­TER // Brown

You’ll get a hefty dose of fi­bre – about 3g per 100g – with en­er­gy­giv­ing mag­ne­sium and im­mune­boost­ing zinc.

BEST // Wild

Wild rice is ac­tu­ally a dif­fer­ent species from or­di­nary rice. Nat­u­rally, it’s a whole dif­fer­ent nutri­ent pro­file: high in fo­late, zinc, man­ganese, iron and protein – mak­ing it more nutri­ent dense and lower in carbs than brown rice.

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