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Serves 12 EASY GREAT VALUE Prepa­ra­tion: 10 min­utes Cooking: 40 min­utes

olive oil 5–6 T onions 5, chopped gar­lic 10–14 cloves, finely chopped pork mince 500 g beef mince 1 kg (or you can use only pork, or only beef, whichever you pre­fer, it’s your party, your chilli, you can do what­ever you like) smoked pa­prika 2 T (I used the sweet Span­ish one) chipo­tle sea­son­ing 2T smoked chilli flakes 1–2 T ground cumin 4T ground co­rian­der 4T brown su­gar 1T tomato purée 3 x 410 g cans black beans 4 x 400 g cans, drained and rinsed beef stock 2 cups sea salt and freshly ground black pep­per, to taste

1 Heat the oil in a large pot, add the onions and gar­lic and al­low to sweat and soften. Add the mince and fry un­til browned. Add the spices and fry for 2 min­utes. 2 Add the su­gar, tomato purée and stock and al­low to sim­mer and re­duce for 25 min­utes. Lastly add the black beans, salt and pep­per and sim­mer over a re­duced heat for 5 min­utes. TO SERVE Haul out all the fancy sauces you can’t re­sist buy­ing but sel­dom use, like the Tabasco chipo­tle pep­per sauce and the Clarke’s Kitchen chipo­tle chilli sauce and (care­fully!) chop fresh hot ha­banero chill­ies to al­low your guests to add more heat if they want to. Put out bowls of grated cheese, sour cream, chopped co­rian­der, good gua­camole and a large bowl of my favourite mielie, fresh mint, lime, basil and feta salad (find the recipe at Lastly, heat up corn taco shells and bur­ri­tos, or throw a few bags of na­chos into the mix, and you’ll have your­selves a fine fi­esta. HEALTH-CON­SCIOUS

WINE: Wool­worths Paul Clu­ver Ries­ling 2018

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