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›› Drink­ing cof­fee, tak­ing a cold shower or down­ing a litre of wa­ter be­fore you drive will make ab­so­lutely no dif­fer­ence to your al­co­hol limit. Once it is in your sys­tem, your liver needs time to process it.

›› And don’t think you are off the hook the next morn­ing.

If you’ve had a heavy night of drink­ing and got to bed at 02h00, for ex­am­ple, you might still be over the limit when you leave for work at 08h00. ››

Road­blocks are not the only rea­son to not drink and drive.

Think about the lives you will ruin if you get in to an ac­ci­dent and kill some­one. And tak­ing the back roads is not the an­swer. There are gen­er­ally more peo­ple and an­i­mals in these roads any­way. Make the shift in your mind and choose to never drink and drive, re­gard­less of prox­im­ity or like­li­ness of get­ting caught.

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