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“Anne’s” email is typ­i­cal of those I get from peo­ple whose new cars let them down. “I need help. I bought a new (SUV) five months ago. “I dis­cov­ered rust on the part that keeps your spare wheel in place. They fixed that. “Then I com­plained about high revs and they told me it’s nor­mal. Next I re­alised that the car is very heavy on fuel and it bat­tles to drive up steep hills. I took it back again be­cause they told me that they need to re­set it. It stayed there overnight and when I fetched it they told me that I must bring it back be­cause the fuel in­jec­tors are faulty and they have to re­place them but they will only get stock in a week’s time. “I bought a brand-new car but it is giv­ing me se­cond-hand ser­vice. “Am I al­lowed to de­mand another car or my money back as I bought the car cash out of my sav­ings I had. Where will it end?” In such cases, where the ve­hi­cle is run­ning and there are no safety-crit­i­cal is­sues, the owner usu­ally has to ac­cept re­pairs as the rem­edy. But they should al­ways in­sist on be­ing pro­vided with a com­pa­ra­ble courtesy car dur­ing those re­pair pe­ri­ods.

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