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Why do you love braai­ing?

I love the com­pany best! There’s just some­thing about a braai that brings peo­ple to­gether – it’s con­vivial. To me a braai is as much about the com­pany as the ac­tual food. An at­mos­phere is cre­ated once the fire takes hold, an­tic­i­pa­tion builds as it turns to coals, and then there’s the smell of the first piece of meat as it hits the grid . . . For South Africans – braai, shisa nyama, bar­be­cue, call it what you will – it is all part of our culture and a cel­e­bra­tion.

What is your braai must-have and what makes it so spe­cial? My first choice is al­ways a suc­cu­lent piece of rump and sticky BBQ pork ribs. Rump is one of those rare steaks – it has the most flavour of any of the cuts while still be­ing ten­der. It also goes well with a good potato salad, and one of my favourites, pap and sous!

And what can you say about a lip-smack­ingly sticky rib that lit­er­ally falls off the bone . . . For me meat is syn­ony­mous with a braai! It’s what takes cen­tre stage. Imag­ine just hav­ing a grilled mush­room! That’s the sup­port act; noth­ing wrong with that but it’s not the main event!

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