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Niël du Bois of De Vette Mos­sel seafood restau­rants knows all about braai­ing snoek – he’s cooked more than 20 000 over the coals. Here’s his se­cret to per­fectly braaied snoek.

1 but­ter­flied snoek, cut at the

back­bone, not the belly oil sauce of your choice (see recipes

on the op­po­site page)

1 Grease the skin side of the fish well with oil and trans­fer to a fold­ing grid. 2 Pre­pare the sauce of your choice.

3 Braai the fish only on the skin side over rel­a­tively low heat. This way you can see when the fish is done. Braai ei­ther high over medium heat for about 10 min­utes or low over low heat for 20 min­utes. You can add more coals later but re­mem­ber to wait un­til they form a light ash layer again. Spoon the sauce over halfway through braai­ing, ac­cord­ing to the in­struc­tions in the method for the sauces (see op­po­site page). The fish is done as soon as it be­comes white and opaque and is no longer glossy. The belly (the thinnest part) will cook first. 4 When there’s about a mil­lime­tre of glossi­ness left on the fish, re­move from the heat, add a good quan­tity of coals to the fire and when they’re ready, re­turn the grid to the heat – with the fish skin-side up for the first time – and braai for about a minute.

5 Care­fully open the grid. If the fish sticks, tap gen­tly with an egg lifter to loosen. If it’s burnt and sticks badly, the coals were too hot. Put a steel tray over the snoek, close the grid and turn it over – the fish will now lie neatly on the tray with the fleshy side up.

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