Pork chops with le­mon


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A sub­stan­tial amount of gar­lic en­sures the chops are packed with flavour.


15 ml (1 T) grated or­ange


12 gar­lic cloves, crushed 125 ml (½ c) fresh oregano or 20 ml (4 t) dried oregano

10 ml (2 t) ground cumin 160 ml (₂⁄₃ c) olive oil

250 ml (1 c) or­ange juice 125 ml (½ c) lime juice CHOPS

4-6 pork chops, cut from

the loin or neck salt and pep­per avo­cado, tomato and

or­anges, sliced, to serve

1 Mari­nade Process the zest, gar­lic, oregano and cumin un­til fine. Add the oil and juice through the spout. Mix well. 2 Chops Put the meat in a non-metal bowl (or seal­able plas­tic bag) and pour the mari­nade over. Mar­i­nate overnight.

3 Re­move the meat from the mari­nade, pat dry and sea­son with salt and pep­per.

4 Seal the meat briefly on both sides over hot coals. Lift the grid and braai high above the coals un­til just done but not dry, about 12-15 min­utes. Baste of­ten with the mari­nade.

5 Serve with avo­cado, tomato and or­ange slices. 80 g ba­con, diced juice and zest of 3 lemons 45 ml (3 T) roughly chopped fresh sage plus a few ex­tra leaves to gar­nish salt and pep­per to taste

3 deboned pork loin chops

(at least 3-5 cm thick),

most of the fat re­moved 45 ml (3 T) olive oil

50 g cold but­ter, cut into slices

1 Mix the ba­con, le­mon zest, juice of 1½ lemons, sage, salt and pep­per to make a paste and set aside.

2 Turn the chops on their sides and make a ver­ti­cal cut in the mid­dle of each but do not cut all the way through. Splay the meat and flat­ten slightly with the heel of your palm. Make small criss­cross in­ci­sions in the meat. Rub the paste over the meat and into the in­ci­sions.

3 Brush the meat with the oil.

4 Place the chops on a fold­ing grill and with the oiled side down cook the chops over medium-hot coals for 6-8 min­utes. Turn and cook for another 8 min­utes or un­til just done.

5 Place the meat on a serv­ing plat­ter and top with the but­ter slices so they can melt.

6 Sea­son the meat with the re­main­ing le­mon juice and gar­nish with sage leaves.

SERVES 4 Prepa­ra­tion

15 min Mar­i­nat­ing overnight Cook­ing 12-15 min

SERVES 6-8 Prepa­ra­tion 10 min Cook­ing 15 min



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