YOU Best Recipes: Braai - - Beef -

There are two meth­ods of cook­ing in a ket­tle braai. Choose the right one for the type of food you’re plan­ning to cook.


The coals are di­rectly un­der the food.

Use for smaller food por­tions that cook quickly, such as chicken pieces, burg­ers, steaks, chops, fish, shell­fish and cut vegetables.


The coals are packed to one side of the braai or on both sides with a gap in the mid­dle. The drip tray can then be placed in the gap. The food isn’t di­rectly over the coals but over the drip tray. Some­times meat is sealed over di­rect heat be­fore you con­tinue cook­ing with in­di­rect heat.

Use for larger cuts of meat that re­quire longer cook­ing times such as whole chick­ens, ribs, legs, shoul­ders and whole un­cut steaks.

TIP Pour a lit­tle wa­ter in the drip tray if the food will cook for a long time. It catches the liq­uid that drips off the meat and pre­vents the coals from smok­ing. Spoon most of the fat out of the drip tray and use the re­main­ing juices as the base for a tasty gravy.

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