Baked gre­mo­lata-crumbed chicken schnitzel

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The fat con­tent of the schnitzel is kept low be­cause it’s baked, not fried.

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Prepa­ra­tion time: 20 min­utes Cook­ing time: 10-15 min­utes


4 skin­less chicken breast fil­lets 20 ml (4 t) Di­jon mus­tard salt and pep­per juice of 1 le­mon 30 ml (2 T) cake flour 45 ml (3 T) corn­flour 1 egg 5 ml (1 t) wa­ter 125 ml (½ c) dry low-GI bread­crumbs zest of 1 le­mon 1 gar­lic clove, crushed 30 ml (2 T) finely chopped pars­ley


125 ml (½ c) plain yo­ghurt 5 ml (1 t) olive oil le­mon juice and zest to taste salt and pep­per


young green beans, steamed pota­toes, boiled and tossed with chopped

fresh pars­ley le­mon wedges

1 Heat the oven to 200 °C and grease a bak­ing sheet. 2 Chicken But­ter­fly the fil­lets by cut­ting them hor­i­zon­tally but not all the way through. Flat­ten slightly with the heel of your hand. 3 Spread the mus­tard on both sides of the fil­lets and sea­son with salt, pep­per and le­mon juice. 4 Mix the cake flour and corn­flour in a shal­low dish. 5 Whisk the egg and wa­ter in another shal­low dish. 6 Mix the bread­crumbs, le­mon zest, gar­lic and pars­ley in a third dish. 7 Dip the chicken in the flour mix­ture, then in the egg and fi­nally in the bread­crumb mix­ture, mak­ing sure it’s well coated. Trans­fer to the pre­pared bak­ing sheet. 8 Bake for 10-15 min­utes, turn­ing care­fully once. 9 Sauce Mix all the in­gre­di­ents. 10 To serve Serve the chicken with a lit­tle sauce, the steamed beans, pars­ley pota­toes and le­mon wedges.

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