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Thank you for your most in­ter­est­ing and in­for­ma­tive ar­ti­cle on the sub­ject of sur­viv­ing the menopause (YOU, 5 April).

I no­ticed that one of the worst symp­toms I ex­pe­ri­enced wasn’t men­tioned: vagi­nal at­ro­phy – when the walls of the vagina get thin­ner and your abil­ity to self-lubri­cate van­ishes, along with your need for in­ti­macy. I’ve been us­ing bioiden­ti­cal testos­terone, and can tes­tify to the fact that af­ter a month my lost li­bido has re­turned.

Loss of mus­cle mass is also an is­sue and so too is the loss of the skin’s elas­tic­ity. Every­thing goes south. My face has al­ready started melt­ing off my skull like an ice cream on a hot sum­mer day, and I’m ter­ri­fied of what will hap­pen when I lose the 23kg which is a ne­ces­sity.

To my great re­lief, I’ve found an in­ex­pen­sive, non­in­va­sive and ef­fec­tive so­lu­tion to sort out my sag­ging fa­cial skin, and a dif­fer­ent so­lu­tion for my nonex­is­tent an­kles. I’ve also dis­cov­ered a dif­fer­ent but ef­fec­tive so­lu­tion for the cel­lulite.

My only re­main­ing prob­lem is my batwing up­per arms that flap around in the wind. For this, I’m do­ing work­outs with hand-held weights in con­junc­tion with skin-tight­en­ing creams. If that fails, I’ll have to look at the sur­gi­cal op­tion.

I feel op­ti­mistic that at 62 it’s not im­pos­si­ble to have the body of a god­dess and a face that can launch a thou­sand ships – in short, a com­plete meta­mor­pho­sis, so watch this space! ME­LANIE, EMAIL

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