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There was a panic but­ton in his bed­room so he could call the se­cu­rity at home if needs be. Ev­ery so of­ten he’d ac­ti­vate this de­vice and we’d re­spond within sec­onds by burst­ing into his room only to find him, in bed, with his hand out­stretched, greet­ing you in that dis­tinc­tive voice, “Yes. How are you?”

Af­ter shak­ing his hand, we’d ask why he’d ac­ti­vated the alarm. Ev­ery time he’d apol­o­gise and ex­plain that he’d ac­ti­vated it ac­ci­den­tally.

Strangely, af­ter Mam Graça moved in, no panic alarm was set off ever again.

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