Sum­mer skin­care

Have fun out­doors – but don’t for­get to pro­tect your­self against the sun’s harm­ful rays



UV rays from the sun cause sun spots, pig­men­ta­tion and wrin­kles – and one of the first places you’ll no­tice this dam­age is on your face.

That’s why you need to ap­ply sun­screen to your face ev­ery day, even if it’s over­cast. Ap­ply it 15 to 30 min­utes be­fore you step out­side and reap­ply ev­ery two hours. Use a sun­screen or mois­turiser with an SPF that’s at least 30.

You can also layer prod­ucts that have SPF, for ex­am­ple your mois­turiser, primer, foun­da­tion and pow­der. This adds ex­tra pro­tec­tion – but re­mem­ber at least one prod­uct must be SPF30 or above as the SPF count in each don’t add up to a higher num­ber.

Also, keep in mind that even if your foun­da­tion, BB or CC cream con­tains a high SPF it’ll only be ef­fec­tive if you ap­ply it lib­er­ally. If you don’t like us­ing too much makeup, stick to a sun­screen or mois­turiser.


Don’t for­get about your hands. Like your face, they’re one of the first ar­eas that show signs of age­ing caused by sun dam­age.

While the rest of our body is usu­ally pro­tected by clothes, hands are al­most al­ways ex­posed to the sun. We take for granted how hard they work and the harsh chem­i­cals in hy­gienic soaps or wa­ter­less hand sani­tis­ers they’re ex­posed to – they all take their toll.

Choose hand creams with an SPF and anti-age­ing prop­er­ties. These are usu­ally for­mu­lated so they don’t leave a residue or sticky feel. You can also use gloves and hand treat­ments, such as hand masks, that help de­liver nu­tri­ents and in­tense hy­dra­tion to the skin on your hands.


Slip-ups hap­pen – you think it’s over­cast so you don’t bother with sun­screen, but a few hours later your skin is sore, dam­aged and de­hy­drated.

If you have sun­burn, ap­ply af­ter-sun lo­tions and creams. They won’t heal your sun­burn but will help re­store mois­ture lost, re­lieve the dis­com­fort and help re­pair the skin’s sur­face. Gen­tly wash your skin with a hy­drat­ing cleanser then mois­turise the af­fected ar­eas with the af­ter-sun lo­tion. Ap­ply the lo­tion to the af­fected ar­eas daily un­til dis­com­fort eases.


While many peo­ple slather sun­screen onto their face at the beach, they of­ten ne­glect to take the same care with the rest of their body. UV rays pen­e­trate and break down prop­er­ties be­neath the skin that keep it plump and glow­ing, such as col­la­gen and hyaluronic acid. You can end up with sun spots, dis­coloura­tion and sag­ging skin if you don’t ap­ply sun­screen to your body as well. Var­i­ous sun­screen op­tions are avail­able for the body, from wa­ter- and sweat-re­sis­tant prod­ucts to those that don’t stain your clothes. But re­mem­ber, no prod­uct is com­pletely wa­ter-, sweat- or rub-proof. Reap­ply sun­screen af­ter you’ve gone for a dip or ev­ery two hours. And even if you’ve ap­plied sun­screen, keep to the shade. An­other way to pro­tect your body is to don UV-pro­tec­tive swimwear. These gar­ments usu­ally have a coat­ing that helps ab­sorb harm­ful UV rays.

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