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Your fea­ture on ve­g­ans (YOU, 29 Novem­ber) brought to mind what the late renowned, and sadly missed, chef An­thony Bour­dain had to say on the sub­ject: “Vege­tar­i­ans, and their splin­ter-fac­tion, the ve­g­ans, are a per­sis­tent ir­ri­tant to any chef worth a damn. To me, life with­out veal stock, pork fat, sausage, or­gan meat, demi-glace or even stinky cheese isn’t a life worth liv­ing.”

I’m in­clined to agree. WIL­LIAM, CAPE TOWN

Thank you so very much for your recipes and ar­ti­cle on be­ing a ve­gan. Kirstin Buick writes in her ar­ti­cle, “So­cial­is­ing isn’t that hard – many South African wines, in­clud­ing my favourite, are ve­gan-friendly.”

If you go into most bot­tle stores they’ll tell you wine con­tains gelatin (an­i­mal by-prod­ucts) in its pro­cess­ing.

I now buy only or­ganic wine from Wool­worths. DIANE EASY, CAPE TOWN

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