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Paint can, drill, dig­ging trowel, pot­ting mix, ready-to-pot plant, fab­ric, wrap­ping pa­per, rib­bon or string to dec­o­rate.

STEP 2 Turn the can right side up and fill the bot­tom with pot­ting mix. Press the mix down gen­tly to cre­ate room for the plant.

STEP 4 Dec­o­rate the can. We made a se­lec­tion of pots and used as­sorted fab­rics and wrap­ping pa­per that we se­cured in place with rib­bon and string.

STEP 3 Gen­tly trans­fer the plant from its orig­i­nal pot to the can. Press the plant down lightly. Fill up the can with the re­main­ing soil.

STEP 1 Turn the paint can up­side down and use the drill to cre­ate three small evenly spaced holes at the bot­tom for drainage.

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