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A joint Chi­nese-Ger­man re­search team have cre­ated tiny spi­ral-shaped robots that are in­jected in the eyeball to de­liver medicine.

Re­searchers cre­ated the mi­crobots us­ing nanoscale 3D print­ing, a tech­nique that pro­duces items 200 times smaller than the width of a hu­man hair. They then in­jected the lit­tle bots into the eyes of dead pigs af­ter which they were con­trolled mag­net­i­cally.

Al­though the thought of bots bur­row­ing through your eyeball might make your skin crawl, this could be the fu­ture of eye medicine, es­pe­cially for treat­ing dis­eases such as glau­coma. It al­lows eye drops to be de­liv­ered 10 times faster and is far more ac­cu­rate.

The sci­en­tists are prepar­ing to test the bots on liv­ing an­i­mals.

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