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Try these tips from ex­perts to get your weight-loss ef­forts back on track.

Eat fresh food in its nat­u­ral state. “But even then, re­mem­ber por­tions mat­ter – you won’t lose weight eat­ing huge por­tions of quinoa ei­ther,” says Aus­tralian nu­tri­tional medicine prac­ti­tioner Fiona Tuck.

Change both what you eat and how you move. “Weight loss is 80% about what you put in your mouth and 20% about how much you move,” Tuck ex­plains.

Make strength train­ing part of your work­out. Car­dio burns kilo­joules while you do it, “but strength train­ing helps cre­ate mus­cle that con­tin­ues to burn kilo­joules af­ter you stop”, says Aus­tralian per­sonal trainer Ali Cav­ill.

Be aware that if you go back to eat­ing as you did be­fore, the weight will re­turn. “Aim to be­come a happy eater,” sug­gests Do­mini Stu­art, au­thor of You Can Beat the Binge!

“Happy eaters don’t de­prive them­selves; they eat rea­son­able amounts of the food they want.

“They aren’t afraid of any food be­cause food has no power over them. They eat when they’re hun­gry and don’t con­stantly think about food the rest of the time.”

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