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Q I was go­ing out with a woman for a re­ally long time. One day in late Novem­ber I had a prayer meet­ing at my house that I didn’t tell her about. My sis­ter told her about it, which I wasn’t aware of. My girl­friend stopped com­mu­ni­cat­ing with me and stopped mes­sag­ing me on What­sApp, but I still send her mes­sages ev­ery day.

Her last mes­sage to me was this: “Any­ways I’m not stand­ing in your path babes – it’s fine – I ac­cept that you want to end it and I ac­cept that it’s over. Thank you for ev­ery­thing. You should have told me though. It would have been the de­cent thing to do. Good luck and I wish you all the hap­pi­ness in the world.”

I never said it was over or that I was ending our re­la­tion­ship. I still love her and miss her a lot. What should I do? How do I get her back? Sheren, email A It seems she’s sim­ply chang­ing the facts to suit her­self. She’s prob­a­bly pretending it was you who broke up with her be­cause it was a con­ve­nient way for her to end the re­la­tion­ship. Per­haps she’d been think­ing about it for a while and saw the prayer meet­ing as an ex­cuse.

Send her a mes­sage telling her you love her and you didn’t end things with her. Surely you can have a prayer meet­ing at your house with­out ask­ing her per­mis­sion to do so?

If she doesn’t re­spond to your mes­sage you’ll have to ac­cept she’s no longer in­ter­ested in you.

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