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THE NIGHT CREW ★★ 2015, 89 min, 16VLN,, 23:00. Ac­tion. A team of bounty hunters try to sur­vive the night holed up in an iso­lated ho­tel in the desert while be­ing tar­geted by en­e­mies. Luke Goss, Danny Trejo.

WE HAVE YOUR HUS­BAND ★★★ 2011, 87 min, PG13VL,, 02:25. Crime drama. An Amer­i­can woman liv­ing in Mex­ico with her fam­ily faces her worst night­mare when her hus­band is kid­napped and she must come up with the ran­som money. Teri Polo, Esai Mo­rales. A BOY CALLED SAILBOAT ★★★★ 2018, 92 min, PG13, M-Net, 04:35. Com­edy drama. A fam­ily liv­ing in a drought-rid­den town be­gin to hope and dream again when a baby is born and given an in­spi­ra­tional name. Lew Tem­ple.


SPACE CHIMPS 2: ZARTOG STRIKES BACK ★ 2010, 76 min, PG,, 14:30. An­i­mated sci-fi. A chim­panzee who longs to be an as­tro­naut gets his chance to prove his worth when an evil alien takes over the space sta­tion.

GOOD LUCK ALGERIA ★★★ 2015, 91 min, PG, SABC3, 21:30. Sport com­edy. To save their busi­ness, a French­man who de­signs hand-crafted skis with a friend de­cides to en­ter the Win­ter Olympics un­der the flag of his fa­ther’s coun­try, Algeria. Sami Boua­jila, Franck Gas­tam­bide.

THE REUNION ★★★ 2011, 90 min, PG13,, 22:00. Ac­tion com­edy. Three es­tranged sib­lings must work to­gether as bail bonds­men if they want to in­herit their late fa­ther’s for­tune. John Cena, Ethan Em­bry.

BEDEVILED ★★ 2016, 91 min, 16VSNL, M-Net, 02:50. Hor­ror. Five friends are ter­rorised by a su­per­nat­u­ral en­tity af­ter down­load­ing a mys­te­ri­ous app. Saxon Sharbino. WHITE HOT ★★★ 2016, 86 min, PG13V, M-Net, 04:35. Drama. Re­turn­ing to her home­town to at­tend her brother’s fu­neral forces an in­te­rior de­signer to re­visit her strained re­la­tion­ship with her fa­ther. Shenae Grimes-Beech.


HEIDI ★★★★ 2015, 111 min, PG, M-Net, 06:00. Ad­ven­ture. An or­phan is sent to live with her cur­mud­geonly grand­fa­ther in the Swiss Alps. Bruno Ganz, Anuk St­ef­fen.

BABE: PIG IN THE CITY ★★★ 1998, 97 min, PG, M-Net, 07:55. Ad­ven­ture. The se­quel to Babe. A sheep­herd­ing pig has to travel to the big city to save his in­jured owner’s farm. Magda Szuban­ski, James Cromwell.

BREAK­ING BROOKLYN ★★★ 2018, 97 min, PG13,, 14:00. Dance movie. A 12-year-old street kid is taken in by an old show­man, who takes him to go live with his for­mer dance part­ner. Colin Critch­ley, Nathan Kress.

MUNE: GUARDIAN OF THE MOON ★★★★ 2014, 85 min, PG, M-Net, 15:30. An­i­mated fan­tasy. Af­ter a de­mon steals the sun, the guardians of the sun and moon go on a mis­sion to re­trieve it. Voices: Omar Sy, Izïa Higelin. JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS ★★ 2015, 118 min, PG,, 15:50. Mu­sic drama. A small­town girl is un­pre­pared for the pres­sures of fame when she’s thrust into the lime­light as a global singing su­per­star. Aubrey Peeples.

FAIL­URE TO LAUNCH ★★ 2006, 97 min, PG13SN, SABC3, 19:00. Ro­man­tic com­edy. A 30-some­thing slacker’s par­ents hire a spe­cial­ist to get him to move out. Matthew McConauhey, Sarah Jes­sica Parker.

PUSS IN BOOTS ★★★★ 2011, 90 min, PG,, 19:30. An­i­mated fan­tasy. A pre­quel to Shrek. A sword-wield­ing cat tries to clear his name. Voices: An­to­nio Ban­deras, Salma Hayek.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SER­VICE ★★★★ 2017, 90 min, 16, M-Net, 21:00. War drama. Amer­i­can sol­diers who’ve re­turned home from Iraq strug­gle to rein­te­grate into so­ci­ety. Miles Teller, Ha­ley Ben­nett.

NEXT DAY AIR ★★ 2009, 84 min, 16VL,, 21:20 & 02:35. Crime com­edy. Two bum­bling crim­i­nals think they’ve hit the big time when a pack­age of co­caine is de­liv­ered to them by mis­take. Don­ald Fai­son, Mike Epps.

WAR OF THE WORLDS ★★★★ 2005, 116 min, PG13, SABC3, 21:30. Sci-fi thriller. A dock-worker goes on the run with his two chil­dren when aliens at­tack Earth. Tom Cruise.

OTELO BURN­ING ★★★★ 2011, 97 min, 16,, 23:05. Lo­cal drama. In 1989 three town­ship boys get a taste of free­dom when they learn to surf. Jafta Mam­abolo, Thomas Gumede.

THE GREAT­EST SHOW­MAN ★★★ 2017, 105 min, PG, M-Net, 04:05. Mu­si­cal biopic. A look at the life of PT Bar­num, who cre­ated one of the world’s most suc­cess­ful cir­cuses. Hugh Jack­man, Zac Efron. FALLEN ★★★ 2016, 91 min, 13VL, M-Net, 05:50. Ro­mance. Af­ter be­ing blamed for a fel­low stu­dent’s death, a teen is sent to a re­form school where she’s torn be­tween two boys. Ad­di­son Tim­lin, Jeremy Irvine.


CAMP COOL KIDS ★★ 2017, 104 min, PG, M-Net, 07:19. Ad­ven­ture. A young boy goes to a sum­mer camp to face his fears. Markie Post.

MAGALIR MATTUM ★★★ 1994, 132 min, PG13, SABC3, 12:00. Com­edy. Three fe­male fac­tory work­ers de­cide to stand up to their lech­er­ous boss but things take a strange turn when he lands in hos­pi­tal and they end up with a dead ter­ror­ist. Re­vathy, Ur­vashi.


TROLLS ★★★ 2016, 92 min, PG, M-Net, 13:00. An­i­mated fan­tasy. A happy troll and a grumpy troll have to save their vil­lage from crea­tures who want to eat them.

JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS ★★, 14:35. See Saturday.

SKYFALL ★★★★ 2012, 143 min, PG13V,, 20:00 & 01:40. Ac­tion. Al­though he’s not in peak con­di­tion due to be­ing shot, Bri­tish spy James Bond is put in the field to track down a cy­bert­er­ror­ist. Daniel Craig, Javier Bar­dem. A QUIET PLACE ★★★★ 2018, 90 min, 16V, M-Net, 20:05. Hor­ror. In a postapoc­a­lyp­tic world a fam­ily must live in si­lence to hide from crea­tures that hunt by sound. Emily Blunt.

JOHN CARTER ★★★ 2012, 132 min, PG13V, SABC3, 22:00. Fan­tasy ad­ven­ture. In the 19th cen­tury an Amer­i­can Civil War veteran is trans­ported to Mars where two tribes are at war. Tay­lor Kitsch, Lynn Collins.

SUNBEAT ★★★2017, 95 min, PG13, 22:45. Drama. Two French sis­ters and their daugh­ters head to their fam­ily home in Por­tu­gal where they un­cover a dark se­cret. Ana Gi­rar­dot.

RAPID FIRE ★★★ 1992, 95 min, 16VL,, 22:55. Ac­tion. Af­ter wit­ness­ing a mur­der, a stu­dent goes on the run from the druglo­rds in­volved and the cor­rupt po­lice who are try­ing to frame him. Bran­don Lee, Powers Boothe. THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRIST­MAS ★★★★ 2017, 104 min, PG, M-Net, 04:15. Tru­elife drama. A look at how au­thor Charles Dick­ens wrote the clas­sic tale A Christ­mas Carol. Dan Stevens, Christo­pher Plum­mer.


SKYFALL ★★★★, 23:00. See Sun­day. AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING ★★ 2017, 85 min, PG13V, M-Net, 03:00. Hor­ror. The 10th film in the se­ries. A sin­gle mom and her three chil­dren move into an in­fa­mous house where var­i­ous mur­ders have taken place to be close to her co­matose son’s doc­tor. Jen­nifer Ja­son Leigh, Bella Thorne. HOL­I­DAY JOY ★★★ 2016, 87 min, PG13, M-Net, 04:30. Fan­tasy com­edy. A teen’s Christ­mas wish comes true but she soon re­alises she’s bit­ten off more than she can chew. Bailee Madi­son, French Ste­wart.


BORAT: CULTURAL LEARNINGS OF AMER­ICA FOR MAKE BEN­E­FIT GLORIOUS NA­TION OF KHAZAKHSTAN ★★★★ 2006, 84 min, 16LN,, 23:00. Com­edy. An ec­cen­tric Kaza­khstani TV jour­nal­ist trav­els to the US to make a doc­u­men­tary about Western cul­ture. Sacha Baron Co­hen, Ken Davi­tian.

BAD NEIGH­BOURS ★★★ 2014, 97 min, 16VSNL,, 00:35. Com­edy. When the house next door is turned into a univer­sity res for male stu­dents, a cou­ple with a new­born baby ini­tially try to be friendly, un­til a mis­un­der­stand­ing sparks a feud. Zac Efron, Seth Ro­gen. THE REUNION ★★★, 02:20. See Fri­day. THE CRUCIFIXION ★★★ 2017, 90 min, 16L, M-Net, 02:25. Hor­ror. An Amer­i­can jour­nal­ist trav­els to Ro­ma­nia to interview the nuns and priest ar­rested af­ter a woman died dur­ing an ex­or­cism. So­phie Cook­son, Cor­neliu Ulici. HEIDI ★★★★ M-Net, 04:05. See Saturday.


BREAK­ING BROOKLYN ★★★, 23:00. See Saturday.

MY FIRST MIR­A­CLE ★★★★ 2016, 111 min, PG, M-Net, 04:05. Ro­man­tic drama. A 16-yearold girl suffering from a rare form of can­cer dreams of find­ing love be­fore it’s too late. Quin­ton Aaron, Juan Cas­tano.

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