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True-life drama. With Steve Carell and Ti­mothée Cha­la­met. Di­rec­tor: Felix van Groenin­gen. 16DLS. Based on the mem­oirs of David and Nic Sh­eff, this movie evokes a great va­ri­ety of emo­tions. You’re in­tro­duced to a fam­ily bat­tling with the drug ad­dic­tion of their tal­ented son, step­son and sib­ling, and the re­lated an­guish this brings.

The crux of the story is David (Carell) try­ing to un­der­stand why his son Nic (Cha­la­met from Call Me By Your Name) de­scended into drug ad­dic­tion. Fol­low­ing his par­ents’ di­vorce, Nic lives with his dad and step­mom (Maura Tier­ney from The Af­fair), but vis­its his mother (Gone Baby Gone’s Amy Ryan), dur­ing the hol­i­days.

Flash­backs show Nic pro­gress­ing from a sweet 62 tod­dler to a promis­ing teenager ex­per­i­ment­ing with drugs to a full-blown ad­dict en­slaved to a va­ri­ety of chem­i­cal sub­stances, largely the se­duc­tive crys­tal meth.

Carell and Golden Globe nom­i­nee Cha­la­met’s mov­ing per­for­mances are en­hanced by Ryan and Tier­ney’s earnest­ness. The grief ac­com­pa­nied by ev­ery re­lapse is pal­pa­ble as David re­lent­lessly strug­gles to help his son. David’s delv­ing into the neu­ro­log­i­cal ef­fects of stim­u­lants on the phys­i­ol­ogy of the brain is at the same time a source of en­light­en­ment and de­spair as you’re given a glimpse of the in­sa­tiable hunger driv­ing ad­dicts.

Go into this armed with tis­sues as it’s heartwrench­ing to wit­ness this fam­ily’s jour­ney.

Ti­mothée Cha­la­met plays a drug-ad­dicted teen and Steve Carell his con­cerned fa­ther in Beau­ti­ful Boy.

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