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21 MAY – 20 JUNE Most of what you’re planning for this week probably has to happen behind the scenes. You don’t have to be secretive, but you need to engage in negotiatio­ns to execute your plan. Acting too prematurel­y or impulsivel­y could also sink your plans. Use the time to make the necessary changes and to perfect your strategy. With Mars exiting you sign, you’ll be more chilled and relaxed. YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS 10, 8, 41, 34, 24, 37


21 JUNE – 21 JULY Mars, the master of action and assertion, moves into your sign. At best, this could be a wake-up call, but at worst, you could be feeling angry and emotional. Keep the latter at bay by increasing your level of physical activity – the best way to burn off excess feelings and energy. Some friendship­s are going through a tumultuous time, so establish some boundaries. YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS 5, 43, 27, 31, 6, 33


22 JULY – 22 AUG As Mars moves into an obscure section of your horoscope, you should fine tune your approach, plan or strategy. This is likely to be a week of changes in your career – some expected, some not anticipate­d. You’ll benefit by these changes if you can think on your feet and roll with the punches. Your family might feel a bit neglected. YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS 4, 33, 38, 17, 16, 46


23 AUG – 22 SEPT This might not be the best time to be making plans – the situation is so changeable that it’ll require you to be very adaptable. People seem to be changing their minds left, right and centre, so don’t put all your eggs into one basket. A friend might require more tender and loving care, but luckily you have the resources to assist them. YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS 11, 23, 45, 8, 41, 44


23 SEPT – 22 OCT Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling more rebellious or just out of sorts. Your ruling planet, Venus, is moving alongside the rebel planet, Uranus, which could see you seeking greater independen­ce. The answer lies in not making sudden long-term decisions, but to test the waters first. You can expect some fierce competitio­n at work now. YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS 11, 25, 28, 38, 9, 16


23 OCT – 21 NOV Your week appears to be dominated by your personal life. Your primary relationsh­ip and domestic life require most of your attention. For every change that comes this week, do a reality check so that it doesn’t become a whimsical affair. With Mars moving into emotional Cancer, the scene is set for an abundance of emotion. YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS 10, 27, 45, 17, 4, 15


22 NOV – 20 DEC Everything points to your health and well-being this week, so don’t leave this aspect of life to chance. Rather ensure you take the necessary steps to live a balanced, healthy life. Some changes might be overdue, so don’t hesitate to implement what you know needs to be done. If you’re struggling to focus or to prioritise, make a to-do list. YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS 43, 34, 21, 42, 15, 35


21 DEC – 20 JAN Warrior Mars marches into your love horoscope this week, so tempers may flair up in this area of your life. On the positive side, this means a stagnant situation is being revived and greater vibrancy can be the result. Financial strain might prompt you to take risks that you’d usually avoid. You’re a person with a plan, so stick to your rules. YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS 48, 39, 18, 43, 16, 23


21 JAN – 18 FEB Changes are afoot at home – whether you like it or not. Spot the opportunit­y to introduce adjustment­s where these are required. If you feel that you’re all stuck in a rut as a family, make change a priority. Try not to let worry become a regular companion as this could affect your health in the long run. Life should be a balance between work and fun. YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS 34, 41, 24, 18, 31, 5


19 FEB – 20 MARCH You’re inclined to subconscio­usly absorb other people’s vibes and then make them your own, so be wary of over-stimulatio­n. Ensure you have regular alone time to serve as a reminder of who you are. You achieve this with a soak in the tub, meditation, or yoga – it’s your choice. Channel your emotions instead of letting them control you. YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS 5, 14, 42, 10, 21, 26


21 MARCH – 19 APRIL You have finances on your mind this week, which may cause you to make impulsive decisions. What appears to be a bargain may turn out to be a black hole for sucking in your money. With Mars shifting gear into your domestic sphere, you may want to reconsider your current domicile. Invest in property or get a new appliance. YOUR LUCKY NUMBERS 1, 25, 37, 9, 43, 39

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