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BRILLIANT / EXCELLENT / WORTHWHILE / SO-SO / IF YOU MUST A All ages D Drugs H Horror L Language N Nudity P Prejudice PG Parental guidance S Sex V Violence


THURSDAY ★★★ 2010, 117 min, 16,, 00:00. Crime thriller. Four friends encounter a gang of thieves and soon find themselves roped into a diamond heist. Emma Roberts, Tamsin Egerton.

THE WEDDING DO OVER ★★★ 2018, 90 min, PG,, 02:05. Romantic comedy. A wedding planner has to work with her ex-fiancé to give her cousin the nuptials of her dreams. Nicole Gale Anderson, Parker Young.

MONEY PLANE ★★ 2020, 82 min, 16, M-Net, 02:40. Action. A profession­al thief must rob a high-tech airplane casino to pay off his debts and save his family. Adam Copeland, Denise Richards. LOVE AT SUNSET TERRACE ★★★ 2020, 90 min, PG13, M-Net, 04:20. Romantic drama. Feeling burnt out because of her demanding job, a woman rents a place from a widower and his daughter, who decides to play matchmaker. Ellen Woglom, Carlo Marks.


BARBIE: THE PRINCESS & THE POPSTAR ★★★ 2012, 86 min, A,, 14:30. Animated musical. The 23rd film in the series based on the doll. A princess and a pop star trade places. Voices: Kelly Sheridan, Ashleigh Ball.

THE TWELVE GOLD MEDALLIONS ★★★★ 1970, 90 min, PG, SABC1, 21:00. Action. In ancient China a swordsman sets out to eliminate 12 messengers each carrying a traitorous missive in the form of a golden medallion. Chin Ping, Yueh Hua.

THE BOUNCER ★★★ 2018, 94 min, 16VL,, 22:00. Action. After getting involved in a fight, a Belgian nightclub bouncer must act as a mole in a crime syndicate for the police or be sent to jail and lose custody of his daughter. Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sveva Alviti.

OBSESSION ★★ 2019, 97 min, 16,, 23:50. Thriller. After embarking on an affair, a farmworker and his boss’ wife hatch a plan to murder her husband. Mekhi Phifer, Elika Portnoy. BIG MOMMAS: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON ★★ 2011, 107 min, PG13,, 01:30. Action comedy. The third film in the series. An FBI agent and his stepson go undercover as women at an all-girls performing-arts school to catch a killer. Martin Lawrence, Brandon T Jackson. ALL THINGS VALENTINE ★★★ 2016, 83 min, PG, M-Net, 04:30. Romantic comedy. An unlucky-in-love blogger discovers the handsome vet she’s just met is the one who’s been leaving negative comments on her Valentine’s Day articles. Sarah Rafferty, Sam Page.


DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: THE LONG HAUL ★★ 2017, 91 min, PG,, 14:10. Comedy. The fourth film in the series based on the books by Jeff Kinney. While on a family road trip to attend his gran’s 90th birthday party, a boy comes up with a plan to attend videogame convention instead. Jason Drucker, Alicia Silverston­e.

LADY DRIVER ★★★ 2020, 104 min, PG, M-Net, 15:45. Sport drama. A teenage girl convinces her mechanic uncle to help her compete in dirt-track racing like her late dad. Grace Van Dien, Sean Patrick Flanery. 3 NINJAS: HIGH NOON AT MEGA MOUNTAIN ★ 1998, 93 min, PG,, 16:05. Action comedy. The fourth film in the franchise. Three young ninjas try to stop a gang of evil martial artists from holding an amusement park to ransom. Loni Anderson, Hulk Hogan.

MIGNON MOSSIE VAN WYK ★★★ 2016, 99 min, PG, SABC2, 19:00. Local drama. A teenage girl finds herself caught in a love triangle. Erica Wessels, Paul du Toit.

BURNT ★★★ 2015, 101 min, 16L, SABC3, 19:30. Drama. After a stint in rehab, an arrogant American chef who destroyed his career through his drug abuse and bad behaviour goes to work in London to redeem himself. Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller.

RIDE ALONG 2 ★★ 2016, 102 min, PG13,, 20:00. Action comedy. A rookie cop accompanie­s his partner, whose sister the rookie is about to marry, to Miami to catch a drug dealer, but things don’t go as planned. Ice Cube, Kevin Hart.

TRACES OF SANDALWOOD ★★★ 2014, 95 min, PG, SABC3, 21:30. Drama. Thirty years after she and her younger sister were separated following their mother’s death, a Bollywood film star discovers her sibling is living in Barcelona, Spain, with no knowledge of her heritage. Nandita Das, Aina Clotet.

BLOCKERS ★★★ 2018, 102 min, 16SNL,, 22:05 & 01:50. Comedy. Three parents try to stop their daughters from losing their virginity on prom night. John Cena, Ike Barinholtz.

RING OF DEATH ★★ 2008, 82 min, 16VLN,, 00:15. Action thriller. A wrongly convicted man finds an outlet for his rage by taking part in fights to the death. Johnny Messner, Stacy Keach.

THE SECRET INGREDIENT ★★★ 2020, 82 min, PG, M-Net, 03:15. Romantic comedy. A small-town baker is invited to New York to compete on a Valentine’s Day baking show where she runs into her ex-fiancé. Erin Cahill, Brendan Penny.

THE REST OF US ★★★ 2019, 80 min, 16L, M-Net, 04:40. Drama. A woman lets her ex-husband’s widow and daughter move in with her after finding out he left them with a mountain of debt. Heather Graham, Sophie Nélisse.


3 NINJAS: HIGH NOON AT MEGA MOUNTAIN ★, 12:15. See Saturday.

THE GAMES MAKER ★★★ 2014, 80 min, PG, M-Net, 13:00. Fantasy adventure. A boy who loves board games is magically transporte­d to a world where he must defeat an evil inventor who wants to destroy a city created by the boy’s grandfathe­r. Joseph Fiennes, Tom Cavanagh. RIDE ALONG 2 ★★, 14:10. See Saturday. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN’S CHEST ★★★ 2006, 151 min, PG13V, SABC3, 19:30. Fantasy adventure. The sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. To save his fiancée from being executed for treason, a young blacksmith must find the eccentric pirate captain whom they allowed to escape. Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom.

PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING ★★★ 2018, 111 min, PG13,, 20:00 & 02:35. Sci-fi action. The sequel to Pacific Rim. It’s been 10 years since a group of giant-robot pilots managed to close an interdimen­sional breach through which huge monsters came to Earth. When a former pilot is arrested for selling stolen robot parts, he agrees to return to train a new generation just as a new threat emerges. John Boyega, Scott Eastwood.

AVA ★★ 2020, 96 min, 16, M-Net, 20:05. Action thriller. After her latest hit goes wrong, an assassin is forced to fight for her life against her former colleagues. Jessica Chastain.

JURASSIC PARK ★★★★ 1993, 127 min, PG13, SABC1, 21:00. Sci-fi adventure. During a preview tour a theme park suffers a malfunctio­n, which allows its cloned dinosaurs to escape their enclosures. Sam Neill, Laura Dern.

MARIGHELLA ★★★ 2019, 16, 155 min, M-Net, 21:45. Biopic. A look at the life of Brazilian writer-turnedguer­rilla fighter Carlos Marighella, who in the ’60s tried to expose his country’s corrupt government. Seu Jorge, Bruno Gagliasso.

SUMMER HOUSE ★★ 2008, 90 min, 16S,, 23:20. Horror. While renovating her husband’s ancestral home, a woman begins to suspect the house might be haunted. Lindsay Price, David Haydn-Jones. THE BOUNCER ★★★, 01:00. See Friday. I HATE KIDS ★★ 2019, 89 min, PG13L, M-Net, 03:00. Comedy. A man famous for writing a book about detesting kids is about to get married when an adopted teen shows up claiming to be his son and looking for his mom. Tom Everett Scott, Tituss Burgess. HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL ★★★ 2018, 78 min, PG, M-Net, 04:35. Comedy drama. When she finds out her cancer is in remission, a teen decides not to tell anyone at school as she’s scared they won’t care about her anymore. Mia Rose Frampton, Stony Blyden.


HOME OF THE BRAVE ★★ 2006, 106 min, 16, SABC2, 21:30. Drama. Three US soldiers struggle to readjust to life at home after returning from Iraq. Samuel L Jackson, Jessica Biel. BROKEN ARROW ★★★ 1996, 106 min, 16VL,, 23:00. Action thriller. During a training exercise over the Utah desert, a US army pilot tries to steal two nuclear warheads and it’s up to his co-pilot and a park ranger to foil his plan. John Travolta, Christian Slater.

TWIST OF FATE ★★★ 2016, 86 min, PG,, 00:55. Romantic drama. When an interior designer’s car breaks down and she phones an auto company to send help, the conversati­on she has with the call worker feels meaningful, but when she tries to track him down, she keeps missing him. Cassie Steele, Ryan Kennedy.

MY BABY GONE ★★★ 2017, 88 min, PG,, 02:30. Thriller. A pregnant woman is befriended by her new neighbour, who has sinister motives. Elisabeth Harnois, Anna Van Hooft.

THE GRUDGE ★★ 2020, 94 min, 16, M-Net, 02:55. Horror. The fourth film in The Grudge series. A rookie detective who’s just moved to a new town begins to investigat­e a murder linked to a derelict house. Andrea Riseboroug­h, Demian Bichir. LOVE IS A PIECE OF CAKE ★★★ 2020, 90 min, PG, M-Net, 04:30. Romantic drama. A baker tries to save her business after new owners buy the building, while also navigating her new relationsh­ip with a client’s brother. Lindsey Gort, Greyston Holt.


SPLIT ★★★ 2016, 117 min, PG13,, 23:00. Horror. Three women try to escape the clutches of a psychopath with 23 personalit­ies before his even more terrifying 24th personalit­y emerges. James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy.

TRACES OF SANDALWOOD ★★★ SABC3, 23:00. See Saturday.

YOU BELONG TO ME ★★ 2008, 89 min, PG13,, 01:05. Horror. A woman tries to save her son from the ghost of a scorned colleague. Shannon Elizabeth, Andrew Kenneth Martin.

THE RENTAL ★★★ 2020, 88 min, 16VSL, M-Net, 02:40. Thriller. While renting a holiday home for a celebrator­y weekend, two couples grow suspicious that the owner is spying on them. Dan Stevens, Alison Brie.

CA$H ★★★ 2010, 108 min, 16VL,, 02:45. Crime thriller. A couple think their dreams have come true when they find a suitcase full of money, until a criminal comes looking for it. Chris Hemsworth, Victoria Profeta. THE SECRET INGREDIENT ★★★ M-Net, 04:25. See Saturday.


3 NINJAS: HIGH NOON AT MEGA MOUNTAIN ★, 22:30. See Saturday.

REVENGE FOR JOLLY! ★★ 2012, 81 min, 16,, 00:15. Crime comedy. A man goes on murderous spree to find his dog’s killer. Brian Petsos, Oscar Isaac.

BROKEN ARROW ★★★, 01:45. See Monday.

MARIGHELLA ★★★ M-Net, 01:50. See Sunday. MY BIRTHDAY ROMANCE ★★★ 2020, 90 min, PG, M-Net, 04:20. Romantic comedy. A woman tired of her family interferin­g in her romantic life finds a guy to pretend to be her boyfriend until her birthday party. Ali Cobrin, Jesse Hutch.

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