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Dress R9 000, Molteno.

Dress R10 000, Cindy Bam. Neck­lace R599, Ac­ces­sorize. Ear­rings R430, Kath­leen Barry. Heels R1 500 Anella Wed­ding Shoes.

Dress R8 500, Molteno. Rose gold head­piece R650, Kath­leen Barry. Pearl bracelet R160, Wool­worths. Heels R1 400, Anella Wed­ding Shoes.

R10 000 AND UN­DER

Dress R6 500, Didi Cou­ture. Ear­rings R4 900, White­horn Jewellers.

Dress R7 500, House of Silk. Rose gold head piece R1 900, Kath­leen Barry. Heels R795, Madi­son.

Dress R9 500, Didi Cou­ture. Pearl neck­lace R600, White­horn Jewellers. Fresh­wa­ter pearl ear­rings R450, Kath­leen Barry. Heels R1 500, Anella Wed­ding Shoes.

Dress R13 500, Fiona Mauchan Bridal Cou­ture. Bolero R3 078, Ilse Roux. Crys­tal pearl pins R150 each, Kath­leen Barry. Dress R13 680, Ilse Roux.

Ring R25 000, White­horn Jewellers. Dress R14 250, Ilse Roux. Veil R550, Ur­ban Bride.

UN­DER R15 000

Dress R13 500, Didi Cou­ture. Hair­clip R299, Ac­ces­sorize. Heels R480, Tru­worths.

Dress R11 000, Robyn Roberts. Ear­rings R355, Kay’s An­tiques. Heels R399,90, Alessio at Franco Cec­cato.

Dress R12 540, Ilse Roux. Neck­lace R1 499, Sterns. Hair­clip R499, Mimco at Wool­worths. Heels R449, Queue Shoes.

UN­DER R20 000

Dress R16 000, Cindy Bam. Hair­clip R620, Kath­leen Barry.

Dress R19 700, House of Silk. Head­piece R225, Ur­ban Bride.

Dress R15 000, Molteno. Ear­rings R380, Kay’s An­tiques. Veil R3 500, Jac­ques LaGrange Cou­ture.

Dress R15 000, Molteno. Ear­rings R229, Ac­ces­sorize.

Dress R18 000, El­iz­a­beth Stock­en­strÖm. Ear­rings R269, Ac­ces­sorize. Bracelet R499, Miglio. Heels R399, Madi­son.

Dress R17 556, Ilse Roux. Ear­rings R269, Ac­ces­sorize.

UN­DER R25 000

Dress R22 000, Didi Cou­ture. Head­piece R799, Ac­ces­sorize.

Dress R24 000, El­iz­a­beth Stock­en­strÖm.

Dress R20 000, Didi Cou­ture. Bracelet R499, Ac­ces­sorize. Heels R449,90, Alessio at Franco Cec­cato.

Dress R20 000, El­iz­a­beth Stock­en­strÖm. Ban­gles (set of 10) R349, Ac­ces­sorize.

Dress R20 000, Didi Cou­ture. Head­piece R750, Kath­leen Barry.

Two-piece dress R24 000, Jac­ques LaGrange Cou­ture. Shoes R599, Wild Alice at Queue Shoes.

R25 000 AND UP

Dress R20 000, House of Silk. Veil R550, Ur­ban Bride. Neck­lace R499, Ac­ces­sorize. Hair­clip R299, Sterns. Heels R399, Queue Shoes.

Dress R40 000, Jac­ques LaGrange Cou­ture. Heels R1 500, Anella Wed­ding Shoes.

Dress R28 899, Anna Ge­orgina.

Dress R25 000, Didi Cou­ture. Veil (worn as cape) R1 500, Ilse Roux. San­dals R499, Tru­worths.

Dress R25 000, Jac­ques LaGrange Cou­ture. Ear­rings R399, Miglio. Heels R1 600, Anella Wed­ding Shoes.

Dress R38 000, Jac­ques LaGrange Cou­ture. Hair comb R780, Kath­leen Barry. Ear­rings R7800, White­horn Jewellers. Heels R1 299, Nine West.

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