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NAME: Inge de Bod AGE: 24

Inge, a housewife from Cape Town, says she loved all the looks and she’s still us­ing the tips and tricks she learnt on this shoot.


Di­vide hair into a side parting. Start with the wider sec­tion of hair and French braid down to your ear, adding more hair from the sides as you work.

Keep the braid close to the hair­line and an­gle it to­wards your neck, mov­ing around the head un­til done. Do the same on the other side of your head. Join the French braids to­gether with a nor­mal braid, in­clud­ing any re­main­ing hair. Tie at the end, tuck in and pin.

Tease the braids for tex­ture and set with hair­spray.



Ap­ply foun­da­tion and con­cealer.


Take a gold shadow over the whole lid, up to the crease.

Ap­ply a cop­per shadow on outer cor­ners and outer half of lower lash line. Smudge a mid-brown shadow or pen­cil along the top lash line.

Add a touch of light gold to the in­ner cor­ners to open up the eye area.

Fill in the brows with pow­der.

Curl your lashes and ap­ply mas­cara.


Ap­ply a warm cop­per blush to the apples of the cheeks and blend to­wards the tem­ples.


Fin­ish with an apri­cot shade lip­stick.




Curl hair with a medi­um­bar­rel curl­ing wand, pin­ning each curl up as you work. Re­lease the curls and cre­ate a low side parting.

Pull hair from the low side parting, se­cure against the back of your head with pins and cover pins with curls.

Pull the rest of hair over your shoul­der and let it fall free. Place a string of fab­ric flow­ers be­tween your hair­line and the crown, se­cur­ing with pins.

Tie the string at the back be­fore twist­ing it into the hair over your shoul­der.



Use a light to medium cover foun­da­tion for a nat­u­ral look.


Ap­ply a light pinky gold over the lid and a taupe shadow to outer cor­ners of eyes.

Line lower lashes with cool brown shadow. Ap­ply­brown­geleye­liner.De­fine lashes with tinted brow gel.


Use a grey pow­der to con­tour un­der your cheek­bones.

Add a soft coral pink blush to the apples of your cheeks.


Ap­ply peachy pink lip­stick.



Flat iron your hair straight. Sec­tion the front third of your hair, and clip away from the rest of your hair. Take the front sec­tion and tease slightly at the crown. Then cre­ate a side parting. Pin the front sec­tion back be­hind your ear to cre­ate a soft side fringe and a half pony­tail and se­cure with an elas­tic or pins at the back of your head.



Use medium cover foun­da­tion on mid­dle of face, blend out.


Ap­ply peach gold shadow over the eye. Take a light cop­per shadow from outer cor­ner to mid­dle of eye.

Use dark brown shadow from outer cor­ner and into crease. Smudge brown eye pen­cil un­der lower lash line

Ap­ply vo­lu­mis­ing mas­cara.


A pop of coral blush will lift the com­plex­ion.


Ap­ply a peachy nude lip­stick.

NAME: Danielle Ri­ley AGE: 26

The oc­cu­pa­tional ther­a­pist from Cape Town, who got mar­ried in June 2016, says her own wed­ding look was less dra­matic but she loves th­ese bold looks on her too.



Pull hair back into a tight, high pony­tail. Use a small bar­rel tong to give the pony­tail small curls. Pin curls into a bun. At­tach a hair ac­ces­sory over the bun and se­cure with bobby pins.



Ap­ply a blur­ring primer and al­low to set for a few min­utes.

Ap­ply foun­da­tion and con­cealer.


Ap­ply gold shadow to the in­ner third of the top lid.

Smudge pur­ple shadow onto the cen­tre of the lid.

Ap­ply plum shadow to the outer third of the top lid.

Blend all three colour to­gether. Smudge plum shadow along the top outer cor­ner and along the outer half of the bot­tom lash line.

Draw a medium line along the top lash line with black liq­uid liner.

Fill brows with cream brow definer. Curl the lashes and ap­ply mas­cara.


Ap­ply dusty rose blush to the cheeks.


Fin­ish with a semi-matte rose pink lip­stick.

‘M yf avourite look ha sto be the nat­u­ral one with the loose locks’



Sec­tion the hair into three: a side parting with two front pieces and one at the back. Use a large-bar­rel tong to curl the back sec­tion.

Use a smaller bar­rel tong or flat iron to curl front sec­tions. If you have fine hair, pin the curls and al­low to cool. Once cool, brush curls with a bris­tle brush to cre­ate soft waves and add an ac­ces­sory.



Ap­ply foun­da­tion with a brush and blend well with a sponge.


Ap­ply bur­nished gold shadow to the ball of the eye.

Take red-brown shadow into the crease and along top outer cor­ner and bot­tom lash line. Blend black eye shadow along the outer third top lash line, and swing it up­wards and out­wards.

Rim top and bot­tom eye­lids with black kohl pen­cil. Curl lashes and ap­ply mas­cara. Add clear brow gel to brows.


Blend ter­ra­cotta blush from the apples, along cheek­bones, up to the tem­ples.


Ap­ply nude-brown lip­stick and blot. Ap­ply shim­mer brown for­mula over lips to give il­lu­sion of more vol­ume.



Sep­a­rate hair into four parts: one at each side, one cen­tre and one at the back.

Curl all the sec­tions with a medium-bar­rel tong.

Pull the back sec­tion into a pony­tail in the mid­dle of the back of your head, cre­ate a bun and pin in place.

Tease the cen­tre sec­tion, pull back and work into the bun.

Pin a hair ac­ces­sory on top of the head be­hind the two side pieces of hair. Twist side pieces over the bot­tom of the ac­ces­sory and pin back into bun.

Setwith­hair­spray. MAKE-UP


Ap­ply liq­uid foun­da­tion.


Ap­ply gold shadow over eye. Blend light brown shadow into crease and lower lash line and dark brown shadow onto outer cor­ners, top and bot­tom. Ap­ply brown liq­uid liner to top lash line and choco­late brown eye pen­cil to bot­tom lash line. Fill in brows with brow pen­cil.


Con­tour be­low cheek­bones with pow­der a few shades darker than your skin.

Ap­ply bronzer to cheeks and rose blush to apples of cheeks.


Fill lips with a plum liner and ap­ply plum lip­stick over.

Tap a light gloss on lips.

NAME: Adél Louw AGE: 31

The ad­min­is­tra­tion su­per­vi­sor from Cape Town says she was in­spired by her makeovers. “I’m no longer afraid to try out new styles, to be more dar­ing!” she says.



Ap­ply vo­lu­mis­ing mousse to damp hair and blow dry with a bar­rel brush to cre­ate tex­ture and vol­ume.

Sec­tion front hair (from crown for­ward), and pin at the crown to cre­ate height.

Pull rest of hair into a side pony­tail half­way up head on op­po­site side to where you want the end of plait to fall. Add tex­tur­is­ing spray or dust to hold the plait. Plait along the back of your head, to the op­po­site shoul­der and next to your neck. Se­cure with a thin elas­tic. Wrap hair around it to hide the elas­tic.

‘I’m not very tal­ented in do­ing hair and make-up so it was good to have the ex­perts guide me’



Ap­ply primer to areas that are prone to oili­ness. Al­low to set for a few min­utes. Ap­ply foun­da­tion and con­cealer.


Blend gold and pink shadow over ball of eye. Ap­ply medium brown shadow to outer cor­ners, mak­ing it slightly darker on top cor­ners.

Line your top and lower lash line with brown pen­cil to open up your eyes.

Curl your lashes and ap­ply mas­cara. Use a gel for­mula to fill the brows.


Ap­ply a shim­mer dusty pink blush to the apples of the cheeks.


Keep it sim­ple by ap­ply­ing a slick of nude pink cream gloss.



Blow-dry hair straight, adding a lit­tle vol­ume at the crown. Back comb a sec­tion at the crown and pin in place.

Pull hair back into a pony­tail. The per­fect height will de­pend on your face shape.

Take a small sec­tion from the pony­tail and wrap it around the elas­tic, pin­ning it un­der­neath to hide the ends.

Tease the length of the pony­tail with a comb to cre­ate tex­ture and vol­ume – this takes it from bor­ing to fab­u­lous.

Fin­ish with hair­spray. MAKE-UP


Cre­ate a golden glow with a foun­da­tion with light re­flect­ing par­ti­cles.


Ap­ply gold eye shadow to the ball of eye.

Blend cop­per shadow from mid­dle of eye to outer cor­ner. Add bronze shadow to outer cor­ners and along outer half of lower lash line.

Curl lashes, ap­ply mas­cara.


Sweep bronzer un­der­neath your cheek­bones.

Top with a coral-toned blush on the apples of the cheeks.


Ap­ply a coral shine lip­stick.



Sep­a­rate hair into even medium-sized sec­tions. Curl sec­tions all in the same di­rec­tion with a one-inch­bar­rel curl­ing iron, pin­ning as you work.

Spray curls lightly with a medium-hold hair­spray to help curls keep shape. Re­move pins when hair is cool. Cre­ate side parting. Brush with a bris­tle pad­dle brush.



Ap­ply full-cov­er­age foun­da­tion and con­cealer.


Ap­ply sil­ver shadow to in­ner cor­ners and ball of your eye. Blend a grey shadow from outer cor­ners to mid­dle of eye, smudg­ing a lit­tle un­der­neath the lower lash line. Use a felt-tipped eye­liner to ap­ply a thin black line along the top lash line.

Fill in brows with brow pen­cil.


Match the blush shade to the lip­stick. We used a red rose blush.


Ap­ply a lip stain or a bright red lip­stick smudged into lips with a fin­ger.

NAME: Nokuthula “Thuly” Bonga AGE: 29

The brand man­ager from Cape Town says her makeovers were “flaw­less” and she took care­ful notes of all the steps to re­mem­ber them for when she weds in De­cem­ber 2017.



Comb and sec­tion hair into two parts: one at the front and one at the back.

Use a flat iron to curl back sec­tion for­ward, then back to cre­ate height and for a smoother fin­ish than back comb­ing. Flat iron front sec­tion into a side parting.

Set hair with shine spray. Add ac­ces­sory.



Use a light-re­flect­ing foun­da­tion to make the skin look dewy, but not oily.


Ap­ply moss green shadow over the en­tire lid, and un­der­neath the eyes. Draw a fine line along the in­ner wa­ter­line of the top and bot­tom lash line. Blend black eye shadow into the top and bot­tom outer cor­ners of the eye, wing­ing it slightly to cre­ate a soft flick.

Curl lashes and ap­ply mas­cara.

Fill the brows with brown brow pen­cil.


Use a bronzer along the top of the cheek bone, blended out­wards to­wards the tem­ples.

Ap­ply bur­gundy blush to the apples of the cheeks, blend­ing up­wards.


Fin­ish with a warm brown-pink cream lip­stick.

‘I thought ‘Wow, I look beau­ti­ful!’ I re­ally felt con­fi­dent try­ing some­thing new’



Di­vide hair into three sec­tions: one on each side and one on top.

Use a small-bar­rel tong to cre­ate curls in top sec­tion. Curl back to cre­ate max­i­mum height. Leave to cool.

Slick sides back with wax or gel. Run hands through curls and mess up slightly to cre­ate tex­ture. Set with hair­spray. MAKE-UP


Ap­ply a semi-matte foun­da­tion and blend. Ap­ply con­cealer.

Set foun­da­tion with pow­der.


Ap­ply eye primer. Use a flat brush (like a a con­cealer brush) to pack shadow onto eye­lids. Add black liq­uid liner to top lash line and brown eye pen­cil along wa­ter­line of bot­tom lash line.

Curl lashes, ap­ply mas­cara. Ap­ply tinted brow gel to brows.


Use a blush a few shades brighter than your skin tone.


Ap­ply a sheer or­ange lip­stick for an un­ex­pected con­trast to the eye colour. NAT­U­RAL


Make a side parting.

Di­vide into three sec­tions: one on each side of the front of the head, and one at the back.

Use wax to slick the back sec­tion down.

Use a flat iron to cre­ate soft curls and tex­ture in the two front sec­tions.

Set the curls with hair­spray. Pin real flow­ers into the fin­ished look. MAKE-UP


Add foun­da­tion and con­cealer.


Blend light brown shadow over eye­lid to above crease.

Add ma­roon shadow to crease and smudge to outer cor­ners. Smudge brown eye­liner pen­cil into lower lash line.

Draw a fine line along top lash line with gel liner.

Ap­ply mas­cara.

Fill brows with brow pow­der.


Ap­ply ter­ra­cotta blush to cheek apples.


Fill with lip liner the same colour as lips. Top with coral gloss.

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